BMW’s Most Expensive Car | M8 First Edition 1 of 8

BMW’s Most Expensive Car | M8 First Edition 1 of 8


This is the limited edition BMW M8 Gran Coupe First Edition 1 of 8. A total of 400 will be made in this spec with the first 8 getting special badges and stitching and other minor additions to the rest of the 392. This is the most powerful and most expensive BMW production series car ever made! *The final retail price of the car depends on which market you’re based in. Please check with BMW for the accurate pricing*This video has been sponsored by BMW#TheM8 #M8 #8OF8 #BMWM #day BMWFollow me on:

what’s up guys Supercop Lundy here what these guys don’t know it’s a Saturday here in Munich and they’ve just literally come to BMW well just to have a bit of a squeeze what they don’t know is they’re about to see ya the shows about to start they’re about to see the most expensive BMW ever made that’s also the most powerful BMW it’s about to come to market and it’s right over there underneath that cover I’m just gonna wander over and just start on bailing it are you ready guys this is an exclusive like the video join the supercar blondie family this is where we get the world’s coolest cars this is crazy right it’s not being driven yet and look what I have oh the key all right so I’m gonna be the first person in the world to drive this car should we go through all right all right guys okay you guys this is the new m8 Gran Coupe a first edition eight available now the first edition they’re actually making four hundred of them all four hundred are going to look like this with this special green paint this is actually called the Aurora green diamond metallic color and they got their inspiration from the Northern Lights and also you see this gold bronze detailing here all of them will have that plus this three-dimensional Y shape rim in this gold bronze color and look you’ve got these gold calipers in there too which looks pretty cool imagine seeing this m8 one of eight a couple more features that you get if you get one of the one of eight it’s here on the side as well one of eight and then you’ve got this beautiful stitching inside here on the floor mat it’s just so that everywhere you look you’re reminded of just how special this car is the stitching here on the back of the headrest as well you’ve got the one of eight there let me just explain what is going on so you’re like okay what there’s an m8 ground coupe a right and that just basically means it’s a four-door and it’s 20 centimeters longer than the m8 coupe a then you’ve got the m8 grand can pay competition which means it has more power and then one step above that is the m8 grand coupe a first edition which is going to look exactly like this and it’s limited to 400 in the world and then one step above that is the m8 grand coupe a first edition eight of eight which is exactly what we’re looking at here oh it’s got yellow lights you guys laser lights in yellow that’s one of the special features just a reminder we’re about to start up the world’s most expensive series production BMW so this goes for around two hundred and thirty thousand US dollars take a look at the light so we’re just going to pop them on with this button let’s go step on it Oh Brisbane like you guys are from crazy that’s crazy what are you doing here just go to school I grew up in Boone off so how’s it feel driving a cowardly engine good yeah it’s weird like I’m actually driving like a real car for months it even has central heating amazing and goes more than five kilometers an hour which is kind of scary we’re at the home of BMW here in Munich at the headquarters and that look and people come especially from Munich just to see all the cars in that room in there so that’s why you saw all those people around because this is like a special trip you know to see the home of M and the home of BMW he is one of eight that I’m sitting in right now literally the only difference is you get it delivered a few months before the rest of the first editions and you get all this beautiful kind of stitching detail and the blocks around the car when you think of M power or the M series you think the sportiest of the sportiest BMWs now what they’ve done for the first time with the m8 is they’ve made it just as sporty or even sportier than any other M but also focused on the luxurious aspect as well so you see in the back here just how much bigger it is these seats here you’ve actually got quite a lot of room these can be a driver’s car it’s super sporty super lightweight the most powerful BMW on the market but also if you want to be chauffeured you can be okay series 100 in 3.2 seconds that’s like as fast as my Lamborghini that’s mad ready oh man we’ve got the spinning tights that time oh that was awesome it’s slow freezing and the Sun is just going down so we’re gonna take the car back inside I’m going to show you all the cool features in the interior all right catch you there when you think of an M car if you think performance right it’s poppy its aggressive it’s loud and it’s performance based now for the first time with the m8 grand coupe they’re actually looking at luxury as well so it’s performance and luxury it’s a bit longer so you get some extra room here in the back for the passengers and they want to make sure they included like the highest quality of materials and the ultimate most luxurious leather and stitching detailing and it’s actually really quite spacious here in the back I just love these seat belts how its kind of stitched here with the M colors that’s quite cool it’s got gesture control you guys right so look at this I’m gonna turn the radio on volume and then if you want to turn the volume up you go like this okay now if you want to change the station if you go like this it’ll change it what happens if I hold down the traction control button for 3 seconds X Drive configuration right you go into that and then look you can change from all-wheel drive into rear-wheel drive only that is pretty cool so you can choose whether you want to drive it in an all-wheel-drive configuration or if you want it to react and and and perform completely differently you can switch it over with literally like a click of a button into rear-wheel drive that is not usual like my Lamborghini for example it’s an wheel drive car you can’t literally just go into settings and go I want it to become a rear-wheel drive when you buy the car you’ve got to say I don’t want to buy the rear wheel drive car or the all-wheel drive car there is no option to quickly flick it it back and forth well it’s crazy so that’s a cool little feature um these things here right you see these red buttons we love buttons especially when they’re red right means they must do something cool what you can do is you can configure two separate modes of driving and so for example if you are using the car every day to go to work and back what you can do is you can figure this mode so you can make it super comfortable you can play with the suspension the brakes literally everything to do with how the car feels when when you drive it and then say for example you go to the track and you can you can fully configure the car differently so that it feels completely different when you’re on the track and you just quickly press the M 2 button and you go straight from one personalized mode to another completely different personalized mode pretty cool here’s a mode this is new three modes Road mode sport mode and then for the first time you’ve got track mode you go into that you hold this down and it will switch into track and then you can activate track mode press this one and then this turns off so you’ve not got this center console or the center screen as a distraction when you’re on the track everything will just appear right in front of you here you have the rev meters here on both sides which is quite cool in track mode oh we got a little pop then nice so here there are a couple of the coolest features in this car hope you enjoy it I think that’s it massive massive thank you to BMW for having us here at BMW veldt that’s it turn her off and get out of here hope you guys liked it give us quick thumbs up

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