Bodyguards & Supercars with Juca in Mexico

Bodyguards & Supercars with Juca in Mexico


Taking to the streets of Mexico City, with Bodyguards, Supercars and Mexican celeb Juca!Get your Energy here – Follow us on:Music by:Childhood – Mike ChinoFly – 13 Ounce

what’s up guys it’s super Kalindi and I am in Mexico we are just about to meet up with the super comp learners and also we’re gonna be meeting on hookah or if the biggest youtubers in Mexico today we’re gonna have an awesome time we are just about to have the most amazing in Mexico and we’re gonna go beat up and my team on the roads speakers also include they’re like puffle Sarah teaches I don’t know how these are so I’m gonna let it go son any calls today so once we get to set up all right now in order for your security we have bodyguards bodyguards are following us and have guns yeah the cameras following us regards no yes where you live where the and there ain’t no no no no in the Camrys Toyota Camrys 4yy body need a bodyguard like what what he said oh maybe a robbery the whole kidnapping what roll the window up sorry God are you sure we should be in a spider I should put the brief Oh you don’t think what we’re doing here is stupid and I’m not stupid but all the peoples going nuts yeah it’s not like goodbye you when you’re yes speak out Rozier yeah but here’s the deal of media plates from another state charge you fight we are just about to meet hookah or laughs all that way why is this together it’s a prison a prison Wow nice so cool what do you say muchas gracias look it’s a tequila tailor-made to Supercup on there comes Lucy Lucy I think we’re in Mexico you managed to get on this case people are going crazy to think anything no this is really amazing Mexico is like being so most beautiful and I saw a nice like a nice view and party it’s been done for the good good good party I’m done good party done the good people the good parties I’m okay Frankenstein is kind of reduced we’ll just drive without anything at least you’ve got you know your rear view there at the side mirrors no the lawmakers requests this is not legal yeah it’s not legal their license plate right now look at this is falling apart as I told you you know it’s in a Frankenstein each state of mind because the trunk doesn’t fit the OEM you know [ __ ] and stuff like this so yeah that’s that’s what’s beautiful about a project I totally get it I was just saying as long as you have a big spoiler you really need to worry about it yeah so this is what hookah does so he like kind of dope cars which is kind of cool I don’t I don’t know that many people who are in that kind of business they usually the people that we hang out with kind of just buy supercars straight out of the factory and this guy spends all of his time doing our cars which is pretty cool so this is kind of like halfway done all right so you won’t believe this but we’ve been talking cars what shot chorim I know shocker so hookah has just revealed that he’s actually looking to buy a car in LA yeah I’m fine and planning dude yeah what are you thinking super garish yeah leash I like could be could be could be they’re gonna have headlights yes maybe all right I’m still thinking about it a week I mean the thing the thing is is that you may have to pay more for headlights so you don’t have to drive with any exactly exactly just for DTM purpose yeah you know I’m gonna be in the car yeah you’re gonna be standing around this is for a facebook video with me oh my god guitar let’s go oh my god extreme how it’s extreme that’s Mexico fast cars fast punches a pop arrow I think oh my god I didn’t know that security guards like an attack them to the ground I was like oh god this is gonna end badly but I’m from Eureka wake up to Mexico around man we may get yelled at it’s all of a sudden really really cold actually it’s we’re in a rainforest we’re going to monitor an old monastery now so this used to be a monastery like way back in the day Porsche as bulletproof in Wow nothing something so why do you feel the need to have bulletproof windows what if you get like a sultan yeah likely yeah really lucky didn’t we drive through it for today in a convertible a lot of cars and I don’t know but if you’re like alone yeah and they see that your authority yeah they go for you and then I had no idea what I was coming into this is crazy the first time I see this kinda with to tie in the background yeah buddy got this buddy God how do you say buddy got this in Spanish what is Palace or Korea or selenium can you make him wave and guess what this one with the tie what’s this one someone owes you and then this one there see there’s another one with time there is bodyguards everywhere this is crazy guys I feel so left out I don’t know if I am yet so this is an agenda it’s an old traditional house or monastry and it was built in the 1500s and that’s where we’re gonna go eat I’m having the best day I’ve met the nicest people I have to say I think that’s one of the highlights of my Mexico trip is just how lovely everyone is and how this beautiful everyone is I love you guys being so amazing thank you so so much for having been mixing oh wow this is from the 1500s amazing like in your case where locals have to bring me because otherwise we wouldn’t hear about it I would never find it you know it’s like on this very obscure road if a tornado has arrived where we are told this is one at the locals drink right yeah yeah very good very good all right we’ve got thumbs up all around yeah okay the beers are on their way look who ordered the Corona Corona export beer that’s not real Mexican beer surely so it’s beer with a so prim yeah and like some sauces but hand sauces are gorgeous don’t judge it just a lot of salt I’m like got a so mouth that’s it that’s the end of my incredible day with the supercar community here in Mexico big thanks to Enron to arrange all of this today and also to hook up who came out to meet me you are amazing guys I love you I’m being escorted back by one of the guys bodyguards in one of his cars the Maybach and it has bulletproof windows look how thick it is this glass that’s insane in seen I can’t believe it thank you so much I’ll bow to you guys at the rock making sure that I get wound safe back to the hotel I had such an amazing day so so amazing please like and subscribe and we’ll see on the next look around the scent somewhere

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