Bolivia’s Death Road | BBC

Bolivia’s Death Road | BBC


Jeremy, Richard and James come face-to-face with Bolivia’s infamous Death Road (El Camino de la Muerte). With the road barely wide enough for two vehicles to pass, will its terrifying sheer drops claim the lives of a presenter or two?Want to see more ludicrously dangerous roads? Check out Freddie Flintoff towing Chris Harris along a perilous road in Nepal: Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

-Hang on, before you go.
-What? I genuinely don't like heights, okay? It's my biggest failing,
among many, I accept. You know the "you drive into the back
of my car and it's very funny" joke? You don't want it to happen. -You want me to drive into him?
-No. I'll cut your… [bleep] head off.
You will need a beep there, BBC Two. -I can understand that.
-Seriously. My car is perfect in every way,
apart from it not starting. So, could you, if you wouldn't mind…
push me a little bit? So, you want me to push your car
with my car now, on this road here? Yes. There's no alternative. Okay, well, here I come.
Careful, careful, careful. I wasn't as careful as I could have been.
Sorry. Pretty soon we saw
why the road had earned its name. God almighty! That is high! That is a massive, massive drop! This is insane. Whoa! The grasses stick up
and you don't necessarily see what a long way down it is and then
you get one of those little gaps… and then just you see down
and it is a long way. There's one there. The dust didn't help either. Oh, gee. Look at that. That's narrow. I just don't know what I'm doing!
I don't understand the rules on this road. You seem to drive one minute
on the left, one minute on the right. Sometimes a lorry stops going
the other way to let you go through. Sometimes they don't.
Some lorries pull over. Others come barrelling up behind you doing
three and a half times the speed of sound. It's completely baffling! Thank you. I'm coming up against the truck. I've got to go past him
and that means going on that side. Looking straight ahead. Breathe. Moments later, James slowed down
to let a mad local get past. Does that mean there's one
of those maniacal taxi drivers? And I didn't. Oh, God! -Sorry, I was watching…
-I was… [bleep] about this. You're now going to get macheted to death. -I was watching the taxi!
-I don't care. I did warn you! Did I or did I not warn you? James is killing Jeremy,
but things are going well. -I was watching the taxi.
-You weren't. I was watching the taxi! Did your co-presenter just attack
you with a machete? Yes, he did. He was quite cross
'cause I ran into him. That doesn't happen on clothes programmes
or gardening shows. As we climbed higher, life in the already
battered Toyota became truly terrifying. That's my steering.
I'm inches from death… there. The steering wheel doesn't do anything.
My brakes stick on when I'm going uphill and cause the clutch to slip. I can't breathe because the dust gets in. Oh, God! That's real fear now. When I'm going downhill, the same brakes
that stick on going uphill don't stop me. The Suzuki, too, was showing the strain. What is the matter? It's got dirt in the fuel system
from the river. -So it's broken?
-It's not broken. -Occasionally, a bit of it goes through.
-Your simple, cheap car is broken. Sticking to the code
of the Top Gear brotherhood, I left James and Richard behind. Just goes to show they're badly-made
these Japanese cars. They're badly-made. James and I decided to stick together. He's never going to go round us. My God, he is. That's insane. Right. I'm in a ditch. Okay. Yeah. Didn't see this. Whoa-ho! What a thing to miss. Right. No biggie, though, because my colleague
would winch me out in a jiffy. -Hold on.
-What? The winch isn't working. I'm now all on my own on Death Road. I have no idea
where Ray Mears and Ted Nugent are. They've just disappeared. We have
no phones. They're not on the radio. They could be dead. We would, in fact, be dead quite soon, judging by the mood
of the angry, stuck locals. -Good luck.
-Thank you. Handbrake off, etcetera. The ditch is going to level out.
It'll be fine. There you go. What a nice man. Soon, though,
I wished I'd stayed in the ditch because the Toyota
had developed yet another fault. Something's broken… on that back corner. This is pretty close to undriveable now. Christ! Meanwhile, very far ahead… I'm now at 5,500 feet above sea level
and still climbing. Oh, God, crosses. A lot of crosses there. And then, underneath a waterfall, I learned why
there were so many crosses up here. Oh, my God. No. Oh, my… Stop there! That is going. That is going. Bloody hell.

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