Bollinger has developed a “model” for the corporate sector

Bollinger has developed a “model” for the corporate sector


Last month the company Robert Bollinger revealed details about brand architecture E-Chassis underpinning its models B1 and B2, and now showed how else going to use this “truck”.

Meet Bollinger B2 Chassis Cab or just B2CC – all-wheel drive chassis that can be equipped with single or double cabin has a variable wheelbase and wide opportunities for transformation. The manufacturer intends to sell the chassis to different structures: the company believes that it can adapt for their own purposes emergency services, public utilities, builders, plumbers and electricians, airports, security agencies and even the military.


Bollinger has B2CC hydropneumatische all wheels, portal axles, a custom power supply system, the battery 120 kilowatt-hours, 10-kilowatt on-Board charger among other things. The chassis has a serious all-terrain capabilities, while the payload is 2268 kg.

B2CC will hit the market at the end of 2021 along with a SUV and a pickup truck B1 B2. While the E-Chassis without bodywork Bollinger plans to sell.

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