Bollinger has unveiled the pre-production version of all-terrain vehicles B1 and B2

Bollinger has unveiled the pre-production version of all-terrain vehicles B1 and B2


Startup Bollinger said characteristics of electric vehicles B1 and B2, first introduced two years ago. “Beta prototypes” of the SUV and pickup has got two electric motors with total capacity of 622 horsepower and a torque of 906 Nm. “Hundreds” of 2.2 ton machine is gaining 4.5 seconds.

The concept of electric vehicles for off-road have not changed: the five-door B1 Bollinger Bollinger pickup and B2 differ only in the type of body and size, but share a common technical stuffing and interior design. A constant ground clearance ATVs – 381 mm, but to overcome obstacles clearance can be varied in the range from 254 to 508 millimeters. For better cross motors equipped with two-stage reducers, simulating a downshift. Constant attribute “of Bollinger” – off-road tires BF Goodrich 285/70 R17 dimension.

The interior is Spartan: of the options there is only air conditioning and sound system, metal panels, active safety system is limited to ABS.


The SUV characteristics length 4356 mm is comparable to army vehicles: the approach angle is 52 degrees, the departure angle is 43 degrees, the suspension stroke of 254 mm. The truck almost a meter long, inferior angle of the Congress (“only” 28 degrees), but different with capacity of 2.3 tons and can carry a five-meter long cargo through the pass-through hole in the body. In addition, Bollinger B2 can be towed by a 3.4-ton trailer.

The stated reserve SUV – 322 kilometers by the EPA standard. For autonomy is responsible battery with a capacity of 120 kilowatt-hours. However, the design of all-terrain vehicles with removable body panels and glazing allows to facilitate the electric vehicle and to increase the “range”.

Small-scale Assembly of the SUV will begin in 2020. Price list not yet published, but Director and founder of the firm Robert Bollinger gave to understand that electric vehicles manual Assembly will not be as cheap as a Jeep Wrangler (base price in the USA 32 thousand dollars), but the price will not exceed a mark in 200 thousand dollars.

What do you think the price tag will get electric all-terrain vehicles?

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