Bollinger obavila prices on electric SUVs

Bollinger obavila prices on electric SUVs


Startup Bollinger from Michigan, which is building an electric SUV, called the prices of the models B1 and B2. In the USA the cost of both will be a minimum of $ 125,000. For comparison, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class will cost 124,5 thousand dollars. What would You choose: Gaelic or Bollinger?

Both models Bollinger built on the platform of the skateboard of aluminum alloy. Of the same material made all body panels. Powerplant B1 and B2 consists of two electric motors with total capacity of 622 horsepower and a torque of 906 Nm. “Hundreds” of 2.2 ton machine is gaining 4.5 seconds. Battery 120 kilowatt-hours passport provides a range of 322 kilometers by the EPA standard.


A constant ground clearance of SUVs – 381 mm, but it can be changed in the range from 254 to 508 millimeters. Accessibility Bollinger comparable to army vehicles: the approach angle is 52 degrees, the departure angle is 43 degrees, the suspension stroke of 254 mm.

The truck almost a meter longer and inferior angle of the Congress (“only” 28 degrees), but different with capacity of 2.3 tons and can carry a five-meter long cargo through the pass-through hole in the body. In addition, Bollinger B2 can be towed by a 3.4-ton trailer.

Small-scale Assembly models Bollinger will start in 2020. The competition they will total the SUV and pickup Rivian R1S and R1T. According to preliminary information, each equipped with four electric motors with a total capacity of 760 horsepower and can travel on a single charge 645 kilometers.

Adequate price tag for this device?

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