Bond. Edition Bond. Special Model Triumph Scrambler 1200

Bond. Edition Bond. Special Model Triumph Scrambler 1200


While the pandemic recedes, cinemas are still closed, the movie premieres are transferred either to the end of this year or even next. Moved the Prime Minister and the 25th film in the James bond movies, “No time to die” – from April to November. But the Triumph company, which used the film as a platform for product placement, decided not to wait for the premiere of the film and show a limited version of its Scrambler 1200 – as bond in the film.

It is obvious that originally the presentation was scheduled for April, with the release of the film on the big screen, but the postponement of the premiere confused the plans. To move the show Bond Edition for November makes no sense – in most countries, the season is already over, which means to ride a bike, buyers could only 2021ΠΌ – too tight PR campaign turns out. About how much time Scrambler 1200 will hold on the screen the film is still unknown. Judging by the trailer there will be a short chase and a very dramatic jump.

Took the top Scrambler 1200 XE with Ohlins suspension (stroke – 250mm). Visually Bond Edition customized under the bike, who starred in the film. Added high front fender, protection of lights, was blackened feathers and some of the motor cap, the tank has painted a giant logo Triumph (to the viewer to see exactly what the motorcycle). Ramjet exhaust supply was impossible, because the laws will not allow, so I chose the system from Arrow. Another Triumph added a small led running light and turn signals in a compact package.

So the bike is generously decorated with the logo of James bond “007” on both sides, embroidered “Bond Edition” back in the saddle (it’s leather by the way) and the Gunbarrel Intro on clean-up when the ignition is on. On the racks helm engraved serial number of the model in the series – will be released only 250 pieces. Price in the UK – 18,500 pounds ($22 600). This is 6,000 more expensive than conventional Scrambler 1200 XE, but for a collector’s motorcycle with several accessories – a fairly sane price tag.

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