BONUS FOOTAGE: Damon Hill and Chris Harris in a 911: Series 28

BONUS FOOTAGE: Damon Hill and Chris Harris in a 911: Series 28


In ‘s latest sports car challenge, Paddy, Freddie and Chris were each given a racing co-driver, and Harris drew former F1 world champion Damon Hill. Here’s some bonus footage that didn’t make the final edit, including: camels with syphilis, Murray Walker impressions, and a little known place called Wetwang.Head on over and watch the full sports car challenge here: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

I have a bladder like a camel and I don’t need to stop for a we be real you love gearboxes you haven’t got syphilis have you David Hill does Murray Walker has a tooth translating wet Wang I’m sorry what’s your daily driver I’ve got a very boring car is a it’s a it’s a German car it’s not the same group I think VW you have a Sat pull track all Road all track yeah I don’t even know what kind of do I think I mean we wouldn’t use that wouldn’t I just lie about what you drive would you just say I’ve got a I’ve got the new Lamborghini fettuccini okay I’ve got the new Lamborghini face haha I think what one of what is section 1 of the disappointing truisms and racing drivers is they tend not to be that interested in France road cars because they get it done on the racetrack it isn’t what they just want they’ve heard if I cough ASUS it is and then get it done and then just drive over to company car you get again an f1 car it’s a pretty violent environment you know it gives you all the performance you want but it’s also brutal and when you’ve done with that you want to get in a nice car that’s gonna just not not give you more you know most of us don’t write access to the full-blown car son it looks a bit more is look good you can tell it’s no roses wet Hwang I’m sorry there’s a place called wet Hwang it’s a family show all the we’re sick was I’m just reading the map I have a bladder like a camel and I don’t need to stop for a weaving very often which is something I don’t want to share with the audience but now now is out there it’s also in my mind now I can’t it’s not something I need to think slightly you don’t need to think about know having a Winkle but what I think but I think a big fuel tank is a great thing and modern cars have their smoke fill times are too small um got syphilis heavy enamel camels all got syphilis perfect yeah cameras are all gone simplest woman art I thought I thought I was in possession of some useless information do you think Damon too fast name no DOS the Renzo Bandini he sounds like he’s doing 200 yeah he’s stationed you give him the job without him looking at people just looking go down the list go will have in Bab him what about Scott speed remember I think he’s trying too hard scientists thought it’s too obvious it’s either parents decided he was going to be a racing driver Dan Gurney that was good thank good it’s a great name but it just sounds more he just sounds like a fighter maybe yeah but now as a muscle you out of a position rather than just do with Schumacher doesn’t sound fast me scoff what about taxi or Nuvolari I mean there you go that was a British racing driver winning the World Championship and our great brick commentator unable to speak and with that unrepeatable stuff okay but a little garland on that on the moment didn’t he there with his comment classic Murray uh-huh that’s why it’s Murray Walker he sent me an email once I did a charity go-kart thing he was there for them for Nigel Mansell I’d communicated with him before and even always replies your email which I’m terrible at and he wrote me a lovely sort of five line summary of my performance in the race ended up by saying basically ambition outweighed Talent and then all the best Murray and I face it’s on my blog wall printed it out what a legend I serve a column in a car magazine I did at one of my columns down in South Africa when he was doing that ridiculous GP masters thing where they’ve rolled out all the old guns to try and race again I asked me to talk about his voice they’re not not his ability to talk or his understand in the sport but just this gift he has no it’s a it’s a musical instrument it’s amazing and he in in his own way it sounds like a car revving it’s on a matter peg to his subject isn’t it’s amazing yeah he’s got he’s he can actually go from being a twin cylinder 12 sinner exactly huh and he can with two spoke wheel stroked it come here let’s definitely about a two-stroke in there yeah yeah Damon Hill does Murray Walker has a toothbrush have you been at the Tesla from zero oh god it’s absurd but it is a trick you very quickly grow tired of actually and you’re and and even as the driver go style of it the passengers really grow tired of it it is unpleasant yeah but it’s phenomenal I’ve never accelerated so far tomorrow don’t you know uncle well I drove that you know this thing that VW have made to go at Pikes Peak the IDR they’ve been winning all these records I drove that for a couple of weeks ago to do a piece for Top Gear that’s doing naught 225 in under five seconds I mean that is a lot quicker than I thought on car let’s have a fuel spot bolt you into the driver’s seat I’ll go shotgun I get driven buying Damon Hill then you love that I bet you’ve always enjoyed that that someone finally gets the chance to sit next to you on the road I hope like me you just drive really slowly and sedately you just wobble it around and they think while expecting to come through a hedge sideways and instead he just listened to radio for going witness your I mean gravely disappointed Kaylin come on boy right give us the beans just I’m just showing you Chris that actually sucks Oh hazard that people need to be aware of so what you’re doing is aiming for the low mutations of road to enjoy yourself Lomu yeah that William would remind him you’re William it does it reminds me of 18 new he’s always saying for you his favorite word I think they’re trying to speak Greek just to keep us out of the conversation yeah it was the most impressive sounding internet lot who would have who would you lose soonest in the conversation I mean technically yeah well he could he could leave you right behind of course his patty Loew as well who was a computer scientist yeah and once he started going off upon about big rates yeah and stuff like that you even know you got no chance there Patrick was packed was quite good he was I always think Patrick’s like isambard kingdom brunel of Formula One you know he’s he’s he should really have a really caught tall hat you know one of those chimney pipes back hats and because three loved his engineering taking ppl else’s Vinny he loved gearboxes

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