“Boring and mediocre” Nissan: a comment by the former head of the company

“Boring and mediocre” Nissan: a comment by the former head of the company


During the interview, Ghosn reiterated his vision of the reasons for his arrest and dismissal from the post of the head of Nissan and Renault in 2018. According to him, top managers of Nissan did not like his idea of ​​forging closer relations within the alliance, as they wanted more autonomy. With the help of Japanese officials, they falsified a financial fraud case against him, Ghosn believes.

“Unfortunately, after 19 years of operation, Nissan is back to what it was in 1999: it was then a boring and mediocre company that struggled to find its place in the automotive industry,” said Ghosn. The former head was trying to create a system in which Nissan would be part of something completely new and innovative.

The Japanese authorities and some leaders believed that with closer ties within the alliance, the balance would disappear and Renault would begin to dominate. The French government has indeed taken steps to give Renault more weight in the union, Ghosn added.

In addition, Ghosn recalled the circumstances of his escape from Japan to Lebanon at the end of 2019. He explained that he was so desperate to watch the judges and prosecutors that he decided to flee the country. At the same time, former Nissan board member Greg Kelly remains in Japan, who is still on trial on charges of helping Ghosn conceal his real income.

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