Bosch: billions on automotive computers

Bosch: billions on automotive computers


Today, this German tech giant makes automotive computers for a wide variety of purposes. Only since last summer, the company has received orders for its products for quite a substantial amount.

According to foreign media, it is about 2.5 billion euros. This is how much the orders received by Bosch are estimated. The Germans produce electronics for various driving assistants, as well as so-called Central or on-Board computers. And this direction in the company itself is called very promising, with great potential.

The automotive computer market today is estimated at approximately 20 billion euros. At the same time, it can add 15% every year, analysts are sure. To keep up with the growing demand, the Germans will open a new division next month, whose main task will be to create hardware and software for automotive computers, sensors and control units.

Moreover, Bosch engineers will strive to provide as many functions as possible to high-performance Central computers.

Now the Germans are working on a computer that can single-handedly cope with the functions of ten control units at once.

The fewer different types of electronics in the car, the fewer wires there are, which means lower costs and weight.

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