Bought – Ride: Tesla electric cars can no longer be returned

Bought – Ride: Tesla electric cars can no longer be returned


Elon Musk boasted that a Tesla can be bought online in two minutes and returned without questions in a week, having received back the money in full. Now this rule is no longer relevant.

Tesla was known for a very customer-oriented policy of buying and returning electric cars – you could buy yourself a new model on the official website, according to Elon Musk, in just two minutes, and with home delivery. If the new owner didn’t like Tesla, it was just as easy to return it within seven days without explanation, without losing a dollar – the cost of the electric car was returned to the card in full. However, fans of the brand noticed that Tesla canceled the 7-day policy of unconditional return.

As reported by Electrek, the mention of the possibility of returning an electric car within a week simply disappeared from the terms of the purchase agreement for Tesla. It is not known when these changes occurred, as well as the reason for canceling the refund. Probably, the disadvantages of this program still outweighed the pros, or the policy of unconditional refund was too expensive for the company. Now, anyone who wants to return their electric car will have to contact Tesla customer support with an official complaint.

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