Bought, traveled, sold, earned!

Bought, traveled, sold, earned!


Explosive growth in prices for new cars has become a consequence of the global shortage of semiconductors. The secondary market, where cars often rise in price faster than those of official dealers, did not remain on the side of the trend. The trend continues in all world car markets.

In the US, many cars that were bought in 2020 have risen in price more than new models. The largest growth was demonstrated by the Chevrolet Corvette, the price of which increased by almost $ 26,000 from $ 81,425 to $ 107,238.

The second place is taken by the American Dodge Ram 2500 with a price increase of $ 6,668 from $ 56,768 to $ 63,436.

Dodge Challenger confidently occupies the third line with a price increase for a used car by $ 5,754 from $ 41,766 to $ 47,520.

The second Chevrolet Camaro is in fourth place with a price increase of $ 4,638 from $ 37,879 to $ 42,517.

The fifth line is Toyota 4Runner with a price increase of $ 3,802 from $ 43,403 to $ 47,205.

Jeep Wrangler ranks sixth with an increase in the price of a used car by $ 3,193. The car’s price has increased from $ 44,341 to $ 47,534 for the base trim.

Honda Civic in seventh place with a price increase of $ 1,740. The car has risen in price over the year from $ 22,709 to $ 24,449.

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The KIA Trellude SUV has risen in price by $ 1,433 over the last year. If last year the car could be bought for 42,609 for the basic version, now it will cost $ 44,042.

Subaru Impreza closes the TOP-9 cars that showed the greatest growth in the American secondary market – the car went up by $ 224. The price has increased from $ 22,614 to $ 22,838.

We also advise you to watch a detailed test drive of the KIA Telluride from the FineAuto team:

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