Brabham – The Australian who created his own Supercar!

Brabham – The Australian who created his own Supercar!


It’s my first visit to Goodwood Festival of Speed, where I meet Australian owner, racer and creator David Brabham. He created the new Supercar – The Brabham BT62 with a 5.4L V8 engine producing 700HP! See how we race it up the famous Hill Climb.For more follow me

what’s up guys it’s supercar blondie and I’m at Goodwood Festival of Speed the very first time is it’s day one Hill Climb is right here you can see all the cars just having come down from the run I’m about to go in one of these cars up the hill and that car is the Robin this is a new it’s just been developed actually being designed and it’s his baby because I’d love to say using your talks yeah yeah the little budgie smugglers little buggies yes don’t match them to your car we could get them in later well next time I’ll come prepared so this is the problem and bt 62 bt 62 is hide you know why yeah so my dad started brahmam with a guy called another awesome grunts roommate in 1961-62 so the first car came out Institute was the bt 61 okay and every every model car after that and a PT and a number we’ve got up to 61 on the f1 team okay it was draw but it was it wasn’t actually make so we carried on that history so this is the next one this week and this is just this is me grew up in Sydney do you grow up in Sydney I was born here is my dad retired when I was five and then went off to Australia and I was there really to Sydney and then I went to an aggregate object audience award me to be a farmer so you put me on a farm this was out near Walker was near Walla Walla guys that place actually existed which is crazy yeah people always think you’re making that up right yeah I know so we’ve just watched the first to apply more they’ve been going all day but the first one I’ve seen today and there was actually a motor mower going up wanna take me around show me it’s like um masking tape over the top of the foam that’s a what I call it in DC okay so it’s like little little ball bearings yeah and then you put a resin in it so it’s in a bag you sit in it and then you do a vacuum and then you it takes a while to set but you get it in to the place that you want it and it sets around your edge around you and I’ve noticed you’ve got two two on both sides you’re live in air out ah fuel in there what would you like people to know about the program what do you think is most important well it’s a it’s it’s a power which actually sorry it’s for sale and it’s for sale that’s the most how many eyes are great only 70 and the reason for 70s because problems been around for 70 years so we’re celebrating 70 yeah so we go on REM we don’t go to the VA to get support for late associates I just turn it on ready push the other so this is the fire extinguisher button so that will just come it’s all inbuilt in case the carpet catches fire Hey all right this is a bit you guys don’t get to see this is me signing my life away again David you’ll have to sign a waiver form of our company as well in case in case in case you you know run off the thing and your damage that you’re going to be liable for the rest of her life see income earnings and so you want to know I got these yeah exactly what’s going on here so you’ll see you’ll see these in Formula One and so with the Canes we’re able to actually contain the heat controller so it’s in that in that range keep pushing a car you broke the engine already ah why are you pushing it just erase okay so cool the wing moves this is so exciting so when lost and by the time we’re at the top of the hill we’re gonna be first was it there we go video fast yeah so there are points where you have to really like slam on the brakes because they’re literally hay bales right one of you and then you have to kind of navigate your way around them he bails on you go and there are so many people out there and this is just the quietest day of the festival so on the left and the right it’s just crowds lining the street these incredible college obstacles and then varied how it was how what she’s a passenger which is you very good I haven’t submit yeah I heard a few screams but I think there was normal alright that’s it guys thank you so so much for watching that’s my experience in the problem first time up the hill and the festival of speed the hill climb was go check it out first one delivered early next year big big thanks for uh a big thanks to you guys for watching please like and subscribe and we’ll see you on the next vlog around

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