Brand Cake showed amazing bike

Brand Cake showed amazing bike


Eyes do not fail you – you see exactly what you see in reality.

Last year, the brand Cake showed the world electric Enduro is quite strange, and now clearly outdo themselves. Creation called Osa differ by more than a strange design. If scraps of pipe welded pad under the car battery and then attached to it an inverted fork and monoshock (suspension travel is 100 mm and 260 mm, respectively) and 15-inch wheels.

But the most startling fact is the purpose of motorbike that can act as a mobile workbench, shopping carts, and even a music platform. The flexibility provided by horizontal cross-bar extending from the steering to the seat and allows you to mount different accessories. The company said that the design allows you to create thousands of different configurations.


Osa will be offered in the Lite version and Plus. First announced as a moped weighs 65 kg, has an output of 10 kW and develops up to 45 km/h the choice will be available two options for lithium-ion traction batteries for reserve is 75 km and 120 km.

Version Plus is classified as a motorcycle, accelerates to 100 km/h and traction batteries provide range of up to 60 or 100 km. Sales will start in March 2020. Prices start at 4500 and 6500 euros, respectively.

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