Brand New BMW M3 Competition Track Test!

Brand New BMW M3 Competition Track Test!


This is the new BMW M3 Competition!To take this car on the track check out – / Instructor Fabian – #agmc #bmw

but just check out how freaking cool this orange and black interior is all right what’s up guys it’s super couple over here in dubai and i’m actually at the track because i’m going to be test driving this bad boy right here the brand new bmw m3 now there are two versions you can buy guys the standard m3 which actually comes as a manual and it has 475 horsepower or you can get this one right here which is the m3 competition basically a notch up but it’s a completely different kind of car because you can only get it in automatic but it does have more horsepower this one right here has 510 horsepower now the m3 actually comes as a four-door as you can see the two-door is now called the m4 now if you’d like to see everything about the m4 you can go and watch my youtube video that i did when it first first came out i was in germany got behind the wheel of that car you can watch that video by pressing the link in the description below all right now let’s take you through this baby right here and i love how this is all blacked out m3 ah this is like i love it in black actually look you’ve got quad exhausts and each of them are 10 centimeters in diameter so they’re very very big exhaust and it sounds fantastic so we’re going to turn around in just a second what i’d like to show you though is the interior now on this car they’ve actually gotten a few upgrades but just check out how freaking cool this orange and black interior is now what you may have noticed is this one has bucket seats so racing bucket seats so full carbon fiber and actually saves 10 kilos on the overall weight of the car and as you open up the door let me just show you this the m3 badge lights up on the seat which is really cool let me show you i really like this look even before you get in it’s just like beckoning you right you’ve got these wider wheel arches as well so it’s a wider car so you can kind of see how it cuts off here into the normal body and then over here you’ve got what’s quite cool is like these floating side mirrors so only this part is attached and this part when you first look at it you think it’s attached but it’s not it’s actually floating which is quite cool now of course on this new m3 you do have the massive kidney grille and look you either i don’t know like for me i don’t mind it honestly i like it when people push the boundaries of what everyone is expecting so for me i think it’s i think it’s cool i think it’s fine i’m one of the 20 of people who actually like this new kidney grill that’s what the designer said 20 of people like it he’s trying to defend it which is kind of weird anyway here in the headlights we’ve also got these blue features which is quite cool you’ve also got a lot of extra carbon fiber in here which i love you’ve even got carbon fiber here in between your legs and all through here the center console all carbon fiber look you’ve got carbon fiber here on the steering wheel you’ve got the m stitching in the m colors which is cool and carbon fiber running along here as well and you’ve got ambient lighting so what i like about this car is it’s super super sporty it’s got a lot of power you guys for a sedan over 500 horsepower that’s a lot of power now the cool thing is you guys if you want to buy an m3 or an m4 what you can do is instead of just getting the keys to the car and just driving it around the local streets agmc which is the local dealer here for bmw here in dubai can actually give you a test run on the track with the brand new car before you buy it go and see agmc and say listen i’m seriously interested let me go on the track and that is exactly what i’m doing with this car today then once you buy it you get another full track experience with a professional driver so he’ll take you through the car and just make sure you know how to push its limits in the safest way possible all right now let me show you the car let’s actually do you know what let’s start it up we want to hear what it sounds like right all right set up look here you can customize everything we’re going to go across to sports plus and that totally opens up the exhaust you’ve actually got another button down here that opens it up as well if you want so you can press that on let’s hear it yeah that’s stuck that sounds awesome all right so zero to 100 in the competition model is under four seconds all right you ready for this i’m excited so i’ve got my belly clover my helmet i’m race ready what’s great about this is it’s still got air conditioning so it’s like a little sporty race car but you’re still going to be comfortable this is fabian guys we can just see his eyes he’s a professional a driving instructor with bmw and he’s going to teach me how to get the most out of this car on the track so should we do this yeah all right let’s do it and we’ve got a brand new member of the supercar blondie family ludo he’s over there no you’re in the shot ludo camera shy he’s a fantastic drone pilot so we’re gonna have some epic shots so yeah i gotta get to know the track first this turn here the braking will be there push more on the brake go inside inside with brake go on the left on the left and turning on the right reach the attacks and open the wheel completely on the left okay and now trust me okay yeah continue to push but at the end you push really here we okay wow you can smell it that was awesome because look i’ve got someone here as a total pro and i can push it more than if i was just to take it out on the track myself because he’s like keep going i’ll tell you when to break i’m like so it’s really really cool you feel safe in this car but you also feel like it’s super sporty that you can push it as much as you want so i really enjoyed it i think it’s really cool on the track i hope you enjoyed that little vid on the brand new m3 competition and remember if you want to buy one of these babies you can go check it out at agmc they’ll hook you up with a track session all right that’s it i think i’m out love you guys bye

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