Brand Opel voseni ocholit Uwe Hochgeshurz z Renault


Uwe Hochgeshurtz, who has borrowed the post of General Director of the regional subsidiary Renault (Nimechchina, Austria and Switzerland) in the past few days, as the new CEO of the Opel brand Vin entered the settlement from the 1st spring of 2021. The German brand of the Stellantis Group has been expanding its commercial activity – including in China – and actively entering the era of electric mobility. Uwe Hochgeshurtz change to the post of Michael Loscheller, taking the decision to continue the professional activity beyond the boundaries of the Stellantis Group.

Uwe Hochgeshurtz will join the team of top managers of Stellantis and will go ahead without preceding Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares. Winning his career in the automotive industry in 1990 he started at the Ford company, in 2001 he moved to VW, and in 2004 – to Renault. Hohgeshurtz vivchav dilove administration in Nimechchin (Wuppertal and Cologne University), Great Britain (Birmingham University) and France (Paris-Dauphin University).

“I want to give Michael a great deal and team to build a strong and stylish foundation for the Opel brand. The brand has a similarly hostile perspective for its global commercial development. I feel like starting my own more than 30 years of robotics’ admonition in the automotive industry, Uwe succeeded in honoring the Opel brand on a new stage of its history. I give Michael all the most beautiful in a new way, ”commented Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares.

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