Brand Wey will bring to Frankfurt joint project with the BRABUS

Brand Wey will bring to Frankfurt joint project with the BRABUS


Electric essence of the concept is given by the plug in place of the radiator grille, whereas the red calipers hinting that the letter S in the name means Sport. The rear doors are opened against the course, exterior mirrors replaced with cameras, total — the classical set concept.


Mark Wey took part in the Frankfurt show: in 2017 it showed there obscure concept XEV. Now maternal concern Great Wall again sends a “daughter” of the European bride — with a new show-car Wey-S. how good it is, is unknown. Released only sketches and images of individual parts. In them we see a “sporty” compact crossover, which is likely to include electric propulsion. What does Brabus, now tell.

In March at the Geneva show Great Wall and Brabus Automotive signed a strategic cooperation agreement. It specifies cooperation on the power plant, design of exterior and interior, the limited edition versions and small-scale models for the brand Wey. That’s what the German: “At the upcoming auto show in Frankfurt, the Great Wall will introduce a new model, the exterior and interior which has been carefully redesigned by Brabus for the European market and will be the basis for serial production.” We are talking about the concept Wey-X? Apparently not.

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