Bravo GLE: the bike is for beginners

Bravo GLE: the bike is for beginners


The bike is Bravo GLE will be able to travel up to 100 kilometers on a single charge

The Spanish company Ebroh a new motorcycle called Bravo GLE. It is a smaller electric motorcycle and the equivalent of a 125-CC gasoline-powered motorcycle. This makes an electric bike a great choice for beginners or relatively experienced riders. This motorcycle at a reasonable price and with rather good characteristics, reports COMMENTS.

The motorcycle is equipped with a lithium battery 75 Ah 72 and brushless motor power of 5000 watts. The maximum speed for this bike is 110 km / h the Bike can also travel up to 100 kilometers on a single charge, which is 62 miles and a full charge will take five hours. There are two power modes: low and high. There is also a reverse mode that facilitates maneuvering in Parking lots.


According to RideApart, motorcycle weighs 147 kg, making it about as heavy as some of the other motorcycles for beginners. It’s a standard motorcycle, though the company calls it a sport-touring machine. Bravo GLE available in red, black and blue colors. The cost is € 4490.

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