Breaking the Indoor Speed Record USA

Breaking the Indoor Speed Record USA


Tanner Foust attempts to break the indoor speed record inside a 1 million square foot warehouse. First using a Corvette ZR1, an Audi R8 and then a Ford Fiesta… Tanner’s five hundred thousand dollar Rally Cross Ford Fiesta. see all the reviews, races and challenges: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter: Latest videos:

I’m standing in a 1 million square foot box and today it could be for me a million square foot coffin in order to break the record I’d need to reach a speed of 83 miles an hour now that may not sound like much but trying to hit that speed while headed straight towards a concrete wall could be a little dangerous with wheel spinning and grabbing gears the whole way down the straight if I get off line at all well I’m into one of these a ten by ten steel beam and my car becomes a mesh of metal and meat am i making this sound dangerous enough the floor was smooth almost like ice which made it incredibly difficult to stop before crashing into the wall because we’re going for an actual world record we had to be able to verify the speed of the car so we are going to use a system called lidar it uses laser well to give you speeding tickets but it’s the most accurate way to determine the speed of the car on the planet and we have a police officer with such a piece of equipment how you doing I was ready but wary of the zero ones power being able to make it to the ground in getting enough grip so they got me in a helmet I think really just to raise confidence because it’s not gonna do squat if I hit one of these poles basically I was about to drive a muscle car on ice as fast as I could towards a wall good lawn short shift a second here a little bit too much wheel spin there moving around a lot three looking for a breaking point 65 68 69 and break that was close that was close I tried hard on that one the floor was just too slick for this much motor the zero-one just couldn’t put the power down and break I couldn’t get the zr1 past 77 to break the world record of 82 miles an hour I was gonna need an upgrade from a hundred and twenty thousand dollar car to a hundred and sixty thousand dollar supercar this is an Audi r8 v10 it’s got a Lamborghini engine putting out over 500 horsepower and crucially it’s all wheel drive which will give me more grip okay so it’s got a hundred less horsepower than the Corvette but I don’t think horsepower was the problem is putting the power to the ground and I think with the Audi because it’s a very sophisticated all-wheel-drive system that even its measly 520 Samad horsepower Lamborghini engine should be able to do the job helmet on our police officers ready have to remember not to tap the brakes as I go by him which is an instinct good lunch shift the second little bit of wheelspin and second go on a third 65 oh it’s pullin 70 holy cow stop baby stop speed on that 81 miles an hour Oh 1 mile an hour short is that right I’m havin it the r8 was giving me the grip I needed it was now about finesse less wheel spin on my takeoff and timing my breaking point perfectly 50 60 75 a break why do I feel too old for this we have a speed on that that speed was a world record-setting 83 miles per hour yeah that’s what I’m talking about world record out er8 I cannot believe it we had done it brought the indoor speed record to America but there was something about it that just didn’t feel right if this record was gonna be American it needed to be all American the Germans have a lot of world records it almost doesn’t seem fair you know Porsche has all kinds of world records Audi has all kinds of world records I was really hoping the Corvette would do it I wanted this world record to be homegrown you know we’re gonna have to think outside the box on this we needed something from the good old US of A something like a Ford Fiesta but not any Fiesta my fiesta this is an all wheel drive purpose-built rallycross car it’s claimed X Games golds and various trophies and now it had its sights set on a world record now I’m not one to brag but this little car is vicious it’s 600 horsepower goes 0 to 60 in two point two seconds is all-wheel drive and to get one it’s not just like the $14,000 Fiesta in the dealership you’d have to trade in four of those v10 R eights back there at $500,000 this car is a completely different animal than the zr1 or the r8 this car required a hands-on team of technicians we went down a pressure my crew adjusted the suspension check the tire pressure and I was ready for takeoff now it may look like I’m wearing a giant clown suit and that’s because I kind of am but I still want some fire protection because with this car the fuel is a lot closer to the driver than in a street car all right here we go too much wheel spin sixty-five ladies and gentlemen your new indoor speed world record holder Tanner Foust at 87 miles an hour no less now you make it sound like that wasn’t if I to get the record I had to be in the same room starting and stopping and it was slippery and you set that record in your Ford Fiesta rally car yes so now there is a world speed record on this planet held by a Ford Fiesta you you

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