Breakthrough in the electric vehicle industry

Breakthrough in the electric vehicle industry


At the University of San Diego, nanoengineers have created the latest lithium-ion batteries, which have 10 times the energy density of the current batteries that are now installed in commercial electric vehicles.

The Independent notes that the creation of new batteries could be a breakthrough in the electric vehicle industry. The researchers replaced the anodes in the battery. Instead of graphite elements, silicon elements were installed, which differ by an order of magnitude higher energy density. So far, no real tests have been carried out on electric cars, but if you believe the calculations, the process of using electric vehicles will become much more convenient.

Scientists have overcome the problem of silicon anodes, which expand and contract significantly during charging and discharging. The liquid electrolyte was replaced by a solid one based on sulfides. After 500 charge and discharge cycles, the battery remained at 80% capacity at room temperature.

Notably, the solid-state battery technology license belongs to the startup Unigrid Battery. Unfortunately, there is no information about the beginning of the serial use of new rechargeable batteries.

Recall that earlier information appeared that a record-breaking lithium-metal battery was created in the German city of Ulm. A battery like this can store twice as much energy as a lithium-ion battery, but the size is the same.

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