Breathe full breasts: Honda protects against coronavirus

Breathe full breasts: Honda protects against coronavirus


Honda has developed an innovative cabin air filter with a focus on fighting the coronavirus. Four layers of material trap coronavirus bacteria before they enter the car.

While the spread of the COVID-19 vaccine is in full swing, it will be a long time before everyone gets it. In the meantime, Honda Motor Europe has come up with a way out of the situation to save people from contracting coronavirus. The company says its premium cabin air filter can capture and deactivate nearly 100 percent of its “viral load”.

The filter consists of four layers of special material.

The first two use microfibers to trap dust and pollen. The third contains activated carbon for further filtration. Finally, the fourth uses fruit extract to trap viral particles.

As the public is now more aware of the effects of microbes and viruses such as COVID-19, we expect the demand for security solutions to grow rapidly, ”said Eiichi Hino, President, Honda Access Europe NV.

The company also has some more general guidelines for protecting against COVID-19 while driving. While this may be the opposite of what you would expect, increasing the amount of fresh air flowing through the cabin is a good way to keep viruses out of your vehicle. This is due to the fact that more air contributes to the maximum dilution of aerosols in the air. In addition, Honda recommends changing the cabin air filter more often than usual for optimal protection.

Notably, in Europe this component is available on all recent Honda models as an alternative to the standard Honda air filter.

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