Brembo presented a clever braking soup

Brembo presented a clever braking soup


The Brembo G Sessanta brakes are equipped with LED indicators, wireless communication and the ability to control from a smartphone via an app.

The Italian manufacturer of brake systems decided to remind the public of its anniversary in such an unusual way – this year the company will celebrate its 60th anniversary. The presented brake caliper concept, named after the G Sessanta, is very different from the components we are used to.

Visually, it is distinguished by LED elements located on the cooling fins and on the Brembo logo. It is not clear if the LED elements can work as a brake indication, but they have enough functions. First, it’s beautiful, and the backlight color can be customized to suit your color preference. Secondly, the caliper can inform the rider about the state of the braking system by means of light indicators of different colors.

The caliper can be linked to the corresponding application on the smartphone and, for example, make it easier for yourself to find a motorcycle in the parking lot by determining its location using GPS coordinates received from the caliper, or by remotely turning on the backlight. In addition, through the same application, you can activate the brakes and block the wheels, further protecting the motorcycle from theft.

Brembo has not yet announced how the brake caliper power will be implemented – most likely, this will require separate wiring. But overall, the concept looks very interesting. Let’s wait for the appearance of new braking mechanisms on real vehicles.

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