British drivers complain about foxes gnawing at car brake hoses

British drivers complain about foxes gnawing at car brake hoses


Residents of the British city of Horsham faced an unusual problem. An invasion of wild foxes was recorded there, which got into the habit of gnawing brake hoses and wiring of parked cars. In a few days, the animals damaged more than three dozen cars, the repair of which costs the owners several thousand pounds. At the same time, after the raids, the foxes leave work for the utilities.

According to local residents, who call the current situation a nightmare, foxes attack cars at night. During raids, wild animals gnaw through the wiring, brake hoses, and also drink brake fluid. From the latter, indigestion occurs in pests, after which a huge amount of vomit and feces remains around cars and on sidewalks.

In just one of the districts of the city of Horsham, more than three dozen vehicles have been damaged over the past few days. At the same time, wild foxes have already damaged cars for a total of about £ 10,000.

According to some experts, animals are attracted by the smell of brake fluid. Other experts believe that foxes hunt rodents and damage cars by accident. Local residents have not yet figured out what to do with the massive invasion of foxes. The animal welfare fund, where the owners of the cars contacted, said that they could not intervene in the situation, since hunting foxes has been banned in the UK since 2004. Owners are trying to protect their cars from damage using ordinary tarpaulins.

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