Britons to build IVF house on wheels

Britons to build IVF house on wheels


British Vauxhall, together with Wellhouse Leisure, a company specializing in converting vans into motorhomes, will release a modification of the Vivaro model for camping enthusiasts. The car will be based on the Vivaro Elite version starting from £ 34,000 and will be called the Vivaro Elite Campervan.

The novelty will be equipped with a folding bed, 12 V and 220 V sockets, an Autonomous heating system, a small refrigerator, a water tank, a solar panel for powering household appliances, an additional battery and a gas stove with two burners.

By default, the Vauxhall Vivaro Campervan will be available in a four-person version, and for an additional fee, the customer will receive a fifth seat, a system with a rising roof and an extra bed. Among other things, the novelty will be equipped with 17-inch wheels, Parking sensors, a rear-view camera, a projection display and a modern multimedia system. The cost of such a car will start at the mark of 46,000 pounds.

It is also reported that in 2021, a similar camper will be put into production, built on the basis of the electric version of the Vauxhall Vivaro-e. This car is equipped with one electric motor with 136 HP and 192 Nm of torque. The range of the model is from 230 to 330 kilometers.

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