Bronco in the service of her forestry

Bronco in the service of her forestry


Ford Corporation on Thursday, October 22, showed a variant of the Bronco SUV of a new generation under the name Wildland Fire Rig, designed to prevent and extinguish forest fires.

The machine, created together with the manufacturer of outdoor equipment Filson, has acquired technical modifications and special equipment. The special car has a white-green body paint, which gives a reference to the special Ford Bronco of the Perov generation, which was in the fleet of the us Forest service.

In contrast to the basic model, the novelty received a metal kangaroo with a winch, wheel arch extensions and sections with led panels. In turn, the interior is finished with fire-resistant nylon and black quilted leather, and on the front panel is worth noting the appearance of a radio station that allows you to keep in touch on short waves.

It is worth saying that the special SUV also has additional equipment, such as a stationary coil with a fire hose, a 190-liter water tank, a high-pressure water pump, as well as a chainsaw and much more.

Recall that the new SUV Ford Bronco was shown in the summer of this year. The car, which has a frame structure, is offered in 3-and 5-door bodies. The engine range is represented by a 274-strong “turbocharger” with a volume of 2.3 liters, and a V6 engine with a performance of 314 HP. for 3.7 liters. Together with the units, a 7-speed manual transmission or a 10-band automatic transmission works.

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