Bronco pickup truck: Ford decided to take a ride on Jeep-u

Bronco pickup truck: Ford decided to take a ride on Jeep-u


It seems that the North American office of “Ford” decided not to limit the recent return to the market of “Ranger” and next year’s premiere of “Maverick”. According to Automobile Magazine, the company is preparing for the country one truck at the new Bronco.

Supply restored SUV cargo platform plan by mid-2024, but there is a chance that the machine will release a couple of years earlier. It is assumed that, like the donor truck will get seven calibrations driving electronics, off-road package-options “even being Sasquatch” such a wide variety of options for interior decoration and so on.


Just as he aimed the Bronco to compete with Jeep Wrangler, a pickup based on it will compete for buyers with the cargo hypostasis “Wrangler” model Gladiator. It is believed that a traversable truck “Ford” also is only available with a cab and will cost about 30 thousand dollars for the basic version. Rich of starting execution of the First Edition in the spirit of the same “Bronco” can evaluate twice as expensive.

Engines – 2.3-liter 274-horsepower four-cylinder and 2.7-liter 315-horsepower six-cylinder – also takes unchanged with the same transmissions. Three-liter EcoBoost V6 from the “charged” Bronco Raptor, whose release is still not confirmed officially, the truck will not get but there are rumors of a five-liter V8 for the flagship version of the utility model.

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