Bronco roof harms SUV

Bronco roof harms SUV


According to the owners of the new generation of the Ford Bronco SUV, a mechanism that interacts with the soft roof of the car can scrape paint from the body.

Several 2022 Ford Bronco SUV owners on the Bronco 6G overseas forum report an issue where equipment that folds the soft top rubs against the rear transverse arch, causing paint damage. Many forum users post photos of paint damage.

The first person to report the problem noticed it after lifting and lowering the top of a special device “a couple of times”. The owner saw the damage and realized that there was some lateral play in the roof mechanism that could potentially damage the paint.

Several similar complaints have come from people who have seen similar damage on the Bronco demo. Several owners have also shown pictures of damage to their vehicles.

Ford is aware of this problem. On Monday, a comment was posted on the automaker’s account in which the author asked someone to send a private message to Ford about the problem with the Bronco VIN and provide some additional information.

At the moment, no plans are known from Ford itself to address this issue.

Until there is an official remedy for the problem found, people on the Bronco 6G forum are contemplating temporary solutions to the problem. Ideas include installing paint film, felt tape, and helicopter tape to an area where the roof open / close mechanism will come into contact with the SUV’s bodywork.

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