Bronco will have a new roof

Bronco will have a new roof


The first buyers of the revived Ford Bronco SUV have recently started receiving their SUVs, but most of them have a lot of questions about the quality of the removable roof. Its outer surface is covered with noticeable patterns, and the inner lining is not neat – cut more than necessary, has uneven edges and deforms around the fasteners. To solve the problem, Ford will replace all roofs.

According to the Bronco6G thematic forum, the automaker has already informed Bronco buyers of its decision to replace the removable roofs on all SUVs produced. “We’re embarrassed that this happened, but we’re doing what customers want by changing 100 percent of those roofs,” said Jeff Marentik, head of light vehicles at Ford. A letter to the owners of the SUV indicated that before any new hardtop Bronco is released, all existing roofs will need to be replaced first. This will be done at best by October, which again increases the production time of the model. First Edition customers will receive the SUV as early as model year 2022.

However, Ford has promised to keep the recommended prices for the 2021 model year for 2022 and even 2023 – however, only for those buyers who managed to pre-order before March 19, 2021. Those who do not want to wait for a new hardtop to be manufactured can opt for a soft top – no problems have been identified with it so far. The automaker also noted that it has revised its contract with hardtop supplier Webasto to ensure that quality requirements are met. To date, Ford has produced just over 3,000 Bronco out of more than 125,000 vehicles ordered.

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