Bronco’s popularity forces dealers to sell demos

Bronco’s popularity forces dealers to sell demos


Ford changed the rules of the “dummy program” to provide even faster sales.

The success of the Ford Bronco Sport is so strong that Ford had to change the rules for dealers selling demo models. These rules came to the fore recently when a dealer mistakenly sold the Bronco Sport and then demanded the buyer return it. This incident may have contributed to Ford now allowing dealerships to sell models supplied under its “dummy program.” The program has been in effect since June 2020 and requires that demo versions of cars remain in operation for at least 4 months or 6.5 thousand km before sale.

Last week, Ford sent dealers a letter informing them that the program requirement of 4 months or 6,500 km has been removed, which “allows dealers to immediately sell products to end users.” As part of the demo program, dealers can have up to two pre-configured show models in their lot.

Now that dealers can sell them, this will avoid situations like the one where the dealer asked the buyer to return the sold copy. We were not surprised by the success of the Bronco Sport, it is a great compact SUV for everyday use with real off-road capabilities for the most extreme drivers.

Demand for the Bronco Sport was so high that some dealerships demanded up to $ 10,000 in premiums. The rule change could also be due to Ford expecting even higher demand for the full-size Bronco, which will begin shipping this summer. That said, the top-of-the-line First Editions have already sold out, and Ford is warning those booking other models that the waiting list for the 2022 Bronco is long.

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