Brought to crime: Li Auto began to buy chips on the black market

Brought to crime: Li Auto began to buy chips on the black market


Chinese automotive startup Li Auto has begun purchasing scarce chips on the black market, reported. The decision is forced, as otherwise the company may stop car production.

The global global shortage of chips does not even think to abate. The reason for this may be both supply chains disrupted by the coronavirus and possible speculation in the market. Already there is information that some people are buying up lots of electronics in order to resell it at exorbitant prices.

This is confirmed by the situation with Li Auto. According to Chinese media outlets, the manufacturer has to purchase electronic parking brake chips on the black market for 5,000 yuan apiece. Note that the regular price for this part is RMB 6.

However, the company denied all rumors in this regard, noting that it is doing everything possible to ensure that the supply of chips does not stop. Moreover, it is noted that even in the event of a total shortage of these components, they will look for a way to purchase the necessary parts only from legitimate sellers.

Some measures have already been taken. The brand’s only crossover, Li ONE, is now sold with three radars instead of five. In the future, the company will be able to complete the cars. However, now buyers of such cars are offered a lifetime warranty and some bonuses from the official dealers of the brand as a bonus.

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