Budget Harley-Davidson ready for production

Budget Harley-Davidson ready for production


Project Junior model 338-CC engine has passed another stage on the way to the conveyor.

The company finalized the design of “Baby Harley” and now the motorcycle is preparing for production at the facilities of the Chinese partner Qianjiang. In China on the occasion of the approval of the design ceremony was held with the participation of representatives of both brands.

How to look like a model? Obvious, as in the sketches, presented in June, with a few changes. They also hint at the origin of the motorcycle – in basis Benelli 302S. Not surprising, since Benelli is part of Qianjiang. Harley-Davidson will have virtually the same frame type “birdcage”. Line two-cylinder engine with a volume of 338 cubic cm – the essence of a 300-CC unit from the 302S with increased to 69 mm cylinder diameter and piston stroke length is 45.2 mm.


For fans of the brand Harley-Davidson molecularly the public sector, and even with the “Chinese” origin – something out of the ordinary. But the model is primarily focused on the markets of India and China, where a similar technique is the demand, and the emblem Harley-Davidson only will help many to join the brand.

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