Bugatti, are you? The first electric car from Lebanon is presented

Bugatti, are you? The first electric car from Lebanon is presented


In Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, the premiere of the Quds Rise electric car, completely built in the country, took place. The car will hit the market within a year and will cost about $ 30,000, according to Gulf News.

The development of the electric two-door Quds Rise (from the Arabic word ??????????, or al-Quds, meaning Jerusalem) was developed by EV Electra, founded four years ago by a Palestinian businessman of Lebanese origin Jihad Muhammad. The “Contacts” section of the company’s website indicates that it has offices in London, Montreal and Larnaca, but the assembly of cars, apparently, will still be organized in Beirut. EV Electra currently has about 300 employees, mostly engineers from Palestine and Lebanon.

The company’s long-term plan is to enter international markets and compete with electric vehicles and hybrids from global manufacturers. And the Rise sports car with dubious proportions and characteristics will help to take the first steps in this direction. It is driven by one rear electric motor (160 horsepower), powered by a traction battery of 50 kilowatt-hours. With a mass of 1100 kilograms from zero to “hundreds”, the Lebanese electric car accelerates in five seconds and travels up to 450 kilometers on a single charge. Moreover, its maximum speed is only 165 kilometers per hour.

There are two seats in the car. There is multimedia with a 15.9-inch touchscreen display. The chassis is made of aluminum, to which the external fiberglass panels are screwed. Wheels are 18-inch. There will be seven body colors and six interior design options to choose from. An interesting point – the Quds Rise false radiator grille resembles the Dome of the Rock, a Muslim sanctuary and one of the earliest monuments of Islamic architecture. On a prototype shown to reporters in Beirut, the element is even painted golden.

The production of electric cars will be established in Lebanon by the end of the year. The planned volume is 10,000 copies. Our market for the Quds Rise coupe, according to Jihad Muhammad, will be released within a year, and the car will cost about 30 thousand dollars. Meanwhile, car sales in Lebanon are setting new anti-records. In the first two months, they dropped 97 percent to 62 cars.

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