Bugatti Bolide: the most beautiful hypercar?

Bugatti Bolide: the most beautiful hypercar?


In 2020, Bugatti presented to the public the futuristic Bolide hypercar based on the only production model – the Chiron. This hypercar has received a very limited edition.

The Bugatti Bolide hypercar was produced in only forty copies. Such a car can accelerate to hundreds in just 2.17 seconds. Pretty impressive result. The most affordable “Logan” can do this exercise in 13.9 seconds.

The comparison is, of course, strange, since the cars are from completely different categories. But that way, the colossal difference is felt better. The record-breaking dynamics of the hypercar is provided by the engine from Chiron: this is an 8-liter W16 with quad-turbocharging. Moreover, for the Bolid, its output was increased to 1600 hp. (versus 1500 hp for the Chiron).

The hypercar shows this power on 98 gasoline, and if you fill it with fuel with an octane rating of “110”, then this figure will grow to 1850 hp. And such a hypercar weighs only 1240 kilograms. While the Chiron weighs under two tons.

Do not forget about the original appearance of the Bugatti Bolid.

The jury of the 36th International Automobile Festival in Paris awarded the hypercar the highest award: “The most beautiful hypercar in the world.” Moreover, the contestants were evaluated by professional designers. The best was chosen among serial sports cars with a price of more than 60,000 euros.

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