Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport – First Drive!

Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport – First Drive!


How is this Chiron different to the others? The Pur Sport is made for drifting and cornering! This is the day I fell in love with the Chiron. So smooth but so unbelievably powerful. It has gone in to my top 3 cars to drive. Big thanks to Frank, the Deputy Design Director for showing us around, and to Andy, the official Bugatti Test Driver, who recently broke the world speed record!! The full review of the Pur Sport is here:

what’s up guys it’s supercar blondie here with frank he is the deputy design director at bugatti and he’s flown over to dubai to show us these beauties look at this we’ve got two shiron pure sports this beautiful yellow and the blue over there and yeah it’s just so cool to see you like out of mull’s time i made it all the way just to see some sand yeah and what do you reckon of it is it is it special from anywhere else it’s like powdered it’s like powder yeah this is is this your first time in dubai yes it is what it’s the first time this man goes into the business what no that’s crazy okay so what we’re gonna do on this video you guys this is a really really special moment is i get to drive the chiron pure sport and that is unfreaking believable for the first time this is going to be so so much fun before i do that um andy’s here to sit in the passenger seat with me frank is here to show us around this car now you guys i’ve already done a full pretty much a full review on this car if you haven’t yet seen that go check it out the link to that full review is just underneath this video in the description go check that out uh just so you understand everything that’s gone into this car this video is more about the actual drive but if you haven’t seen that video i want to show you around just briefly and explain what this car is for um the shirampur sport is basically designed for cornering so this is the bugatti you need in your life if you want to drift it i just when you guys told me that like oh this one can drift i’m like what who in their right mind drifts a bugatti like that’s insane let’s say it’s for the skilled driver yeah not me oh i’m like can i drift it and they just like um everyone ignored me um yeah no this is this is not a car you want to be attempting to drift in if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing we can maybe drift it on sand that’s a bit easier yeah actually no no that’s why you brought it out here damn right all right let’s take a look at it you guys so um frank is obviously the best person to take us around this car because he is the deputy design director so he knows all the ins and outs of this car what makes it special um i suppose we start at the front yeah yeah first of all on the front we’ve gave we get we’ve given the car another facial expression right it’s much more angry you see it’s the same headlights like to preserve the chiron yes yes but the eyebrows are much more inclined we’ve opened up the air intakes to force more air through the radiators and this is at the lower cornering relevant speeds right and we’ve pulled out the front splitter to get more downforce on the front okay yeah so if we move around this way um you guys have actually developed some very special wheels that is actually not on this one there’s like a completely redesigned wheel to um help with weight saving right that’s right and downforce that’s right those wheels are made out of magnesium it’s a 10 spoke design and they save a lot of weight and also the heat right and there’s an optional carbon disc that goes into that yeah that actually extracts heat if you want to opt for that so there’s a extra option of course there are always extra options that you can get on these uh on these rims or these wheels here um this one doesn’t have that but you can go check that out in the video that i did in more slime with frank and around this way look this is what we’re looking at guys the sheer on pure sport so p-u-r but i mean you say pure right it’s the french version of pure right but is it poor it’s the poor sport imagine i have the shiron poor all right and the other thing um frank i freaking love is this newly designed wing here at the back you guys um might notice here this beautiful x frame on the back which is inspired by the x-wing jet fighter which is freaking cool i’m not sure if that was the inspiration was it i just well we said it’s inspired by motorsport and science fiction elements yeah to keep it a more broad game and we when we picked up the science fiction thing and we’re like oh it’s the xbox you immediately went for the x-rays yeah we know it um what’s what you’ve done here though to save weight again it’s all about weight saving you guys is to take out the hydraulics from the wing and so this is actually fixed it cannot move up and down it’s fixed like in that position 3d printed titanium exhaust tip which is really thin you listen to this it’s like a surgical instrument and so that nobody can cut them we put this extra coping around here to deal with road homologation laws because this is so thin yes that that wouldn’t pass uh homologation uh this part saves nearly two kilograms or the standard part which is already which already at the at the regular if i make hold of that we already threw everything at it to save weight all right let’s have a look inside i love this detail oh thank you you’ve got this beautiful stitching here though don’t you this is gorgeous and i always love this light that sea light curving around here between the passenger and the driver’s seat it’s just on another level you guys bugatti’s it’s just absolutely on another level you’ve made these paddle shifters a lot longer yeah so you can always know where to grab them it’s so shiny ah and look at this button right here this is an important button lc launch control oh my god i’m so excited you guys this one here what’s this frank that turns to audio mute ah that’s audio mute there’s there’s just one button here in the middle and it’s for the audio mute i thought it was some special button to do with cornering that’s the passenger seat ejector that’s what i wanted to hear oh that’s so funny i have actually had a sneaky drive of it already just to feel it out oh my god amazing amazing it absolutely started at the same time it was insane i get to drive a lot of nice cars and this one it blew my mind it really blew my mind and i was just like oh it was so freaking amazing andy who gets to drive these all the time every single time he gets in he’s like i’ve just it blow it blows him away i what do you think of it frank like what happened what i didn’t expect is to come out here you lend me your car oh yeah and we go for a little spin through the desert and that will be the most amazing experience yeah i would have here so cool what’s up early nice to see you nice to see you andy is an official bugatti test driver so he’s actually the guy that broke the world speed record at 490 kilometers an hour but you know the exact number what is it 490.4834 which it touched into his brain it’s almost 140 meters per second or a kilometer every seven seconds it’s fast that’s fast enough yeah same that’s when he lost his hair because he wants it is that when it happened it could be that way right what’s going to happen now is andy is actually going to get into the passenger seat which is crazy i’m going to get into the driver’s seat and we’re going to test this baby out you ready andy i’m ready let’s do this thing all right see you later frank bye bye this is zero to 100 in 2.3 seconds i love how it says engine here on the start button so here we go so it’s limited to 4 000 when you rev it but it the whole car shakes side to side when you rev it it’s really quite an experience this is just amazing all right oh i’m just going around and around the roundabout just to feel how grippy it is on the corners because that’s what this car is made for and it just it is so griffy like you don’t even want me you don’t have to worry at all it’s guys i am blown away by this car i was so lucky i’m so lucky wow that was a pinch me moment you guys i can’t believe i actually got to have fun driving the chair on usually i get to just drive it for a very short amount of time just to get the shots i need just to show you guys the car but today i really got to drive this thing i really got to push it and wow what an incredible experience i’m so lucky a massive thank you to andy my co-driver it was fun it was so much fun and he was like yeah you could probably push it a bit more than that it was slow compared to the speeds he normally does and a massive thank you to frank the deputy design director avagarti these guys flying over to dubai oh i feel so special and so thankful you guys just rock and a massive thank you to bugatti itself for allowing me this incredible experience to show you guys what it’s really about this new sheer on pure sport and i think that’s it i think we’re out you guys i hope you enjoyed the vid love y’all bye bye see you soon see you around here then you

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