Bugatti Chiron Super Sport passed tests on the maximal

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport passed tests on the maximal


The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport supercar (W16 8.0, 1600 hp, 1600 Nm) will begin to arrive to the first customers earlier than previously announced: not at the beginning of 2022, but already at the end of August 2021. Not surprisingly, engineers and testers are in a hurry to complete the work on fine-tuning the machine. If even a single La Voiture Noire they brought to mind with real meticulousness, what can we say about a car for 3.2 million euros, claiming the title of the fastest production sports car in the world (in any case, the company believes so). Therefore, tests at a maximum speed of 440 km / h are important (without a limiter it would be about 500 km / h).

Since the maximum speed of Super Sport is electronically limited (the motor’s capabilities are higher), the task of the final tests is not to make sure that this speed is reached, but to tune the behavior of the car in an optimal way.

Speaking of serial production: in the next release, Bugatti again does not name the circulation, but clarifies that the Super Sport version is included in the previously planned total number of 500 Chiron built for customers. And since only 100 coupes remained unsold in February last year, now we are clearly talking about only a few dozen.

The number of various sensors in the usual Shirone is huge, but here for the sake of testing, about a hundred more sensors were added, including pressure and temperature.

Every time, releasing a car on the track, engineers slightly change the settings for aerodynamics, suspension and steering. They also look at the operation of the motor with the transmission. So circle after circle, after which six people discuss the parameters. The goal is “uncompromising safety at this speed” with a sense of confidence in the car from the driver. It is worth remembering that a competitor, the SSC Tuatara hypercar, came to its officially registered 455.3 km / h not without incident, but its creators were aiming at 483 km / h and higher. The creators of the Hennessey Venom F5 have yet to show how their car drives at maximum speed, which is declared “over 500 km / h”. The same goes for the Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut coupe (532 km / h so far only according to calculations).

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