Bugatti Chiron Super Sport vs WET Nurburgring + 211mph on the Autobahn. Worst idea ever?

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport vs WET Nurburgring + 211mph on the Autobahn. Worst idea ever?


What would you do if you had one day with the 1600bhp Bugatti Chiron Super Sport? We picked one up from the factory in Molsheim, headed straight into Germany, blasted up the derestricted Autobahn at 211mph and then drove around the Nurburgring in extremely heavy rain… during a tourist session. has done some stupid stuff in its time, but this might just take the biscuit. Image Credit: Electric Awards 2021: Magazine Speed Week 2021: Chris Harris on… Restomods: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

no idea what i’m doing but it feels very fast and deep it binged hello and welcome to what is quite frankly going to be a ridiculous day because i have this key in my hand to that car right there the brand new bugatti chiron super sport now basically bugatti got in touch and said it’s up to you you can do whatever you want with the car but you’ve only got one day to do it so we had a think and we came back to them with the plan we wanted to pick up the car from the factory point it north head towards germany blast up the autobahn and then do a load of laps around the nurburgring during a tourist session and they came back to us and said all right then a quick recap then on exactly what this car is you may recall back in 2019 bugatti rocked the world when it recorded a 304.773 miles per hour run in a more powerful version of the chiron with modified bodywork a staggering feat and we were there to witness it shortly afterwards it announced a series of 30 cars the 300 plus special edition would be built to commemorate that achievement and cost 3 million pounds each now this isn’t a 300 plus it’s the standard 2.65 million pound super sport but it gets the same bodywork modifications the same 8 liter quad turbo w16 engine boosted by 100 horsepower to 1578 horsepower and the same top speed limited to an entirely adequate 273 miles per hour now you’re probably screaming at your screens and saying just get on and drive the bloody thing jack but i’m sorry it’s not every day you drive a bugatti it’s certainly not every day you drive a bugatti show on as special as the super sport so forgive me if i just take this moment to take it all in and i’ll tell you what you forget from looking at this car in pictures and videos on youtube is just how minimal the interior is there’s no central screen there’s no touch screens whatsoever in fact the dash in front of you is dominated by this massive speedometer you’ve got a couple of screens either side of that they give you some information but the dash is just dials for your air con and various bits and bobs and everything is made in the most beautiful materials this matte carbon fiber this bright work everywhere i’m loving this saddle brown leather looks fantastic yeah it’s a special place to be before we set off then a quick word on the modes because once we’re up and running i’ll probably get too excited and forget to talk about them they’re changed by a dial down here by my left hand you’ve got bugatti mode which gives you one degree of rake it’s basically your general driving mode next to that you have this little motorway symbol here that’s the autobahn mode so that gives you a higher lift at the back a 20 degree rake points the nose down to keep you glued to the road and then the next one has a little flag here so that’s your track mode that gives you four degrees of extra wing at the back and stiffens up the suspension and then if you want to get really serious you need to get this key down here it’s in a little holder down by my left thigh and it’s called the top speed key so you have to be stopped you have to be in park and then you put it in a slot down here twist it and that unlocks the top speed it hunkers down the car it takes off the wing it reduces any downforce at the front end of the car it also performs a series of checks to make sure you’re not about to kill yourself for example if your tyres are more than two years old forget it it won’t let you do it but we’ll save that one for a little bit later for now let’s fire this engine up that sounds amazing nurburgring here we come our route would take us north crossing into germany just south of sarbrooken joining the d restricted a1 and carving our way towards the eiffel mountains a journey of roughly three hours and 163 miles according to google surely we can improve on that okay so we’ve just passed one of those glorious signs the white circles of the black stripe through it which basically means fill your boots and before we do some big speed i’m just cruising along here at 104 105 miles an hour and the point i want to make is just how deeply into its comfort zone this car is we’re currently using what a third of its capabilities not troubling the car one little bit these days anyone can go and get a v8 crate engine and boost it up to similar numbers 1500 horsepower plus but it’s the fact that the whole thing feels so cohesive and so well oiled that’s the bugatti magic oh that’s a nice straight bit oh keep it pinned keep it pinned no idea what i’m doing but it feels very fast indeed go on let’s have a look at it then 211 211 miles an hour that is by some distance the fastest i’ve ever gone in a car and i just did it on a public road oh i’m buzzing i’m tingling all over so this car’s sister car if you like bedfellow the rimac navera because of the bugatti and rimek have now teamed up i bet you that cast quicker off the line but the rolling performance in this thing is just astonishing the way that that just gathered speed boosting up and shooting you down the road again oh it’s utterly addictive all right let’s check my stats 211 miles an hour so max horsepower deployed 1615 which i believe is actually more than it says on the spec sheet so this car is producing more power than it claims and i hit 6963 rpm but honestly you can forget the numbers it’s the feeling you get in the seat your pants and your stomach and it’s opened up again and i’m just i’m having another little goat you look down and you’re doing 190. thing is you have to concentrate so hard on the horizon and what’s going on in front of you and it’s only when you get a bit of a leveling out of the acceleration if you can call it that it’s still hauling that you dare to look down and that’s when you glance what you’ve just done i’ve got a feeling 211 is going to be it i might have to call it a day there autobahn tick and just enough time before the tourist session kicks off the nurburgring to fill up with fuel stock up on merch and get a feel for the car in the driving rain which has inevitably descended this one and number one uh it’s the bugatti outside yes please definitely a receipt for this one now as you can probably see we’ve chosen one of the weirdest days of the year to drive around the world’s most dangerous race track in one of the world’s fastest and most expensive cars on cold tires topki’s done some pretty stupid stuff in its time but this might just take the biscuit okay deep breath here we go this is probably the right time to tell you that my entire nurburgring experience amounts to three laps in the mcgann rs but i’m not going to worry about that because i’ve got a special passenger with me today the one and only andy wallace the hmong winner the man who did the 240 mile layout top speed in the mclaren f1 and the 304 mile an hour run in the shoe and super sport which is why we’re here in this car today so andy please tell me your experience here is greater than mine it’s greater than yours but i haven’t done a million laps or anything you’re not you’re not a big expert i never really got to racing here in a modern car i’ve done an old type of race so it’s all it’s always a surprise each time you come to a corner it looks very similar sometimes but what a wonderful place what a wonderful place oh that’s cold tyres there did you feel that yes so uh let’s start there for the cold tires because that’s where all laps around here start nine degrees ambient temperature we’ve got about 20 degrees 21 degrees in each time you were telling me they need 35 to start working properly 35 or a 10 more to start in the wet yeah yeah yeah okay frisky what followed was a protracted 20 corner ding dong with the diesel bmw 3 series compact because there simply wasn’t enough grip to get past it was quickly becoming apparent that this was about survival and not necessarily much fun and then came the big moment i have no idea what my face looks like anything like my bum house okay it’s beyonce yeah um tell you andy how do you fancy going not not very much really it’s too weird not being one to give up i convinced andy to wait for the rain to ease and then he agreed to an exploratory lab even one of the world’s top drivers was struggling out there so when you read the story in the magazine and it’s me coming over the crest fully lit getting air holding it sideways for just you know just to go with it you

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