Bugatti Chiron – The World’s Most Expensive Paint Job

Bugatti Chiron – The World’s Most Expensive Paint Job


The owner put over $1 million of extras into this Bugatti Chiron, including the most expensive one off paint job which was named after him.Follow me on:

i bugatti chiron with the world’s most expensive paint job what’s up it’s super couple on the here in tokyo and i have just come out to see probably the most incredible sheer ansari cocoa gogo sitting there he owns this year on as well in LA we’ve got a local owner here in tokyo who has brought his sheer on for us to see here and just take a look at this paint job have you ever seen something Sparkle this much in your life look at this look at this that is crazy people crazy I have seen a Koenigsegg with actual diamond dust in the paint and that one didn’t even shine as much as this one this paint the owner actually took to the Bugatti Factory and said I want it exactly like this so Bugatti did that exactly for him and hit they’ve named the whole paint job after him no one else has this color all this paint job in the world it’s called hideto blue it is his name this with these flames his friend so we’re trying to find out like how do you get a car to shine like this because I’ve never seen it before his friend develops these flakes he took those flakes on a little sample to the Bugatti Factory and said you need to make me a whole paint job like this and they did it just to get an understanding of how special this year on is he has so many extra options on this car that it cost him an extra 1 million dollars to put this Bugatti together before we show you the interior there’s more around the back actually that I forgot to show you I’m talking about the extra options look under under the wing here at order Bugatti here the mirrors side mirrors just to get these two color here this flag super super expensive brake calipers match the interior of the car so it all is packaged really beautifully I’ll take this off and just so I don’t know anything straight this orange this is something really special this lights up the interior hmm ready like a spaceship yeah haven’t seen that before no that’s really pretty you ready so deep she’s going please get out of the car you are not the owner we had face recognition technology get out now do you for it maybe it she’ll see a ku6 in yon can we know we’re in the garage but it sounds amazing sounds that’s the best I’ve ever heard of she runs out I don’t know what do you think it’s just that we’re in a closed garage maybe maybe but that sounds intense Wow just said thank you I got dogs I’m us yeah all right that’s my experience i bugatti chiron with the world’s most expensive paint job and it’s all here in tokyo wow this is rarely seen rarely rarely seen so big big thank you to the owner for coming out today to show us his incredible charan and we’ll see you guys around

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