Bugatti completes production of Chiron


Bugatti has announced the imminent completion of the Chiron hypercar. Initially, it was planned to release exactly 500 copies of the model, and today the circulation is almost completely selected. There are still about 40 production slots open, with only the Chiron Pur Sport and Chiron Super Sport available to order.

The Bugatti Chiron hypercar was presented to the general public at the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show. The model was replaced by the iconic Veyron. From the moment of the presentation, it became clear that Chiron would become a new favorite of buyers – in the first year and a half after its debut, the brand received about 300 applications.

The first hypercar was delivered to the buyer in the spring of 2017, it took Bugatti four more years to assemble all 300 cars originally ordered. The company started to the last stage of production only in 2021 – the employees of the French brand have less than 40 cars left to assemble before the Chiron goes to rest, giving way to a new model.

You can also order a driver’s Chiron Pur Sport with a two-meter rear wing or a long-tailed Chiron Super Sport. Both are equipped with a W16 8.0 engine with four turbochargers, but on the first it produces 1500 forces, and on the second – 1600.

At the end of September, Bugatti assembled the first eight examples of the Chiron Super Sport 300+. In total, the brand intends to produce 30 such cars, the cost of each will be about 4,317,000 dollars. The French manufacturer spent about 24 months fine-tuning this modification.

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