Bugatti designs me a one-off Blondie edition!

Bugatti designs me a one-off Blondie edition!


I’m flying to Molsheim France, which is the HQ of Bugatti where I meet Frank who’s designing me a one-off Blondie Chiron Sport Edition!With Frank in Geneva – Bugatti Divo – My Caps launching here in July 2019 – Follow me on:Music by:Catch Me If You Can – Keith ThomasIf It’s All the Same – Cy CurninBrake Dust – Trout Recording

guys this is a crazy moment I’m going to spec out my own Bugatti but some guys it’s difficult one thing I’m here in Molsheim and that might bring a bell because I’ve been invited by Boog RC ii o wrong way i that was my big reveal and it didn’t work i’ve been invited by bugatti tada to come and drive there sheer on sport this is where they manufacturer bugatti this is where you actually design your own bugatti when you’re buying one so we’re gonna go through that whole experience make sure to join the supercar blondie family this is where you get to see the coolest most unique cars around the world just click that subscribe button right now underneath the video and a massive thank you to those of you who already subscribe I love you guys so much right we’re gonna go in right there you can see what we’re gonna be driving today this incredible red and black sheer on sport and we have got Andy here he’s their test driver for all their latest cars and he’s gonna take me out today and we also have Frank one of the lead designers here at Bugatti who’s going to take me through this whole experience you may know Frank from my Devo video that I did at the Geneva Motor Show and he got so much love on that video we’re like Frank we need to do another video together so we’re gonna go in now and say hi to guys thank you very much for having me we’re so cool to have you here Wow look at this you guys really get this car around last time I saw this was just in Italy so just a few days later it’s back in my sight yeah it’s travelling around just as much as you are just as much as I am yeah you just make it travel to the spots I’m in right that’s right we keep following you anyway I don’t mind you can do that you can keep doing that this is just a stunning car view you shown them the surprise today is we’re actually going to drive the lover to Anwar right that that’s okay well no I said sure I know I have to try can i spec out my own booty today yes you can and then just not have it to live oh you mean you want to spec it out and they’re not okay exactly you’ve got it um yeah that’s pretty much it I’d like to spec out my own body and then just dream about having it for the rest of my life no you never know I might get one one day you never know that’s kind of the dream so that’s our dream right we’re gonna live it together all right so take me through what happens so you welcome me with champagne right usually I would yeah and I thought I’d get the whole experience what’s going on here with the champagne okay you would actually bring up the configurator on the power you should start from a clean sheet of paper guys this is a crazy moment I’m going to spec up my own Bugatti what are these different ones what so well those are just some that’s a common ones that okay any common ones actually I would like the front to be a full visible carbon-fiber purple what happens if I come and I say I’m not gonna buy one unless you give me purple carbon-fiber then we would charge you X amount of money and we would make it from yours go for it I would say that the most unusual is green you know maybe okay they’re English oh I quite like no we can’t go Brown let’s go you had green on your level steering wheel yeah ideas ideas you know I changed it to blue though too much the exterior so I’m gonna well why don’t we match it to Lucy my Lamborghini and let’s go turquoise yeah that’s okay yeah I like that you can also let’s have a look at the color oh you can see here oh yeah that’s quite good oh that’s the one yes you have to imagine that this whole thing sits inside a relatively small column yes nothing and we had to balance the car in the right range so we had to actually package the gearbox which are many other mid-engine sports cars sits out in the back into the front of the engine and that means that you sit left and right of the gearbox that’s why when you sit inside as you run it’s actually quite far a distance to the passengers it just starts perdition and I’ve been given a Bugatti labeled tissue I’ve never had to work I’ve never worked my nose on something labeled Bugatti before that is extreme like that’s crazy there’s rumors just this one tissue cost 500 euros Frank design I have I haven’t looked it up but I need to take my checkbook out so don’t come with a runny nose to Bugatti okay that’s gonna cost you here’s a challenge for you if I wanted my own long D version Sheeran could you actually design something for me right now I would try my best really the we can maybe make a sketch of that the most important is the side view because there you really define the proportions so we’ll base wheel size real wheels a little bit bigger in our main engine cars always you have you a special type of sunglasses hotel on point why are you using the sunrises with this little twinkle and there’s your hair no you have always the circle yes this one’s for free I just got a whole shear inspect for me for free how special is that designed by Frank thank you very much howdy we’re also right that’s going straight to pouring fuzzy Jacobi let’s go out and have a look at the share on sport that you guys have been here today so this is the car that I’m going to be driving later on with Andy but first I just have a look at some of the design elements in its weren’t amazing actually how short the the front of the car is it’s like a cute little Pomeranian notice thank you in the best way possible I have two Pomeranians and I love them and I think they’re beautiful so I was a compliment actually coming from me okay an aggressive Pomeranian I meant like a bulldog Pomeranian you know what I mean like really fierce but really cute at the same time can I put my logo here on the back sure you can have your logo either in the headrest and you can put a logo here on there yes this one just says Sharron smoke but you can put anything else yep or you can have it here where it says a sport you can put you have to charge you extra oh that’s fine yes thank you so so much Frank whoo yeah you saw what he did basically made me a new Chevron so Frank doesn’t have Instagram so he only exists in the real world which is kind of weird okay cool right we’re gonna head out now in this year on sport and see what that’s like first time driving a sport version with Andy he’s scared not at all he should be from Fung we’ve don’t have too much confidence it’s a waiver yeah so no way even yeah they said if I crush the car they just um take my organs and sell them to fix the car all right and II was a professional race car driver and he won LeMond once or once overall and three times in the class that’s crazy so now Andy is the official test driver but the there interesting thing about all this after 32 years of racing I when I stopped racing I never thought I would drive anything as fast and exotic again and this car is quicker than anything I ever raced it’s unbelievable so when you were racing I mean what when you talk about speed what kind of speeds were you doing exactly when I started it my mother this straight had no chicane so we’re just touching 400 okay it’s not too bad but now with the chicane she is probably about 340 yeah something like that but now in this you can easily get up to it well 440 you got the tip official was to 440 and then back down to zero as possible right it was four hundred and zero all for four hundred was that I mean this car is electronically limited to 429 to keep everything all under control okay yeah so Andy’s gonna just take me through the car a little bit first and then we’re going to swap drivers later on as you won’t know the cars very very easy to drive yes it is very kind to the driver it works with you rather than against you so you don’t need to have any special skills to get a lot of pleasure from the car it’s just me in a shear on sport no biggie oh it’s awesome the special part is really when you’re driving it and you hear the turbos it’s like it’s like someone taking a big breath of air and letting out really creep okay this is how you activate launch control on the Chiron sport so they put on the break and you’ve got to push really hard really hard otherwise it won’t activate it’s got to be all the way down and even further than that and then what you do is you put it in first gear manual okay yeah seatbelts on the launch control and then you throw your right foot down on the accelerator all the way and it’s gonna give you two seconds to throw your foot off the brake and take off so just two seconds you’ve got until it cancels out again ah crazy okay cool Oh it just goes it’s like no resistance whatsoever but if you took off let’s say three four hundred kilos off the way and you try to do the same acceleration so in some ways the weight is actually acting into its environment exactly I mean in terms of acceleration this accelerates harder because it’s got the right weight right right right right make sense and a very low center of gravity so you don’t have the body roll yeah Rosina so as soon as you reach this that speed limit the windows will automatically closed you guys just for aerodynamics so you can continue improving them it’s a little key here on the left side it’s called the speed key what that does is basically unlock its top speed so it’s limited generally to 380 kilometers an hour but when you turn this little speed key what it does is a checks the car move on right make sure to check how old the tires are that they’re not older than two years it lowers the car lowers the wing at a little bit a little bit of at the back and then it will allow you to go to 420 kilometres an hour so it unlocks an extra 40 kilometres or so only allow you to unlock that speed if you go in a straight line as soon as you start to turn the wheel if it’s more than 90 okay so if it’s more than 90 degrees that you’re turning the wheel then you will unlock the extra speed limit and it will then Capua get to 380 that’s really interesting actually oh my god hey we are off to the factory this is where they build Bugattis the average customer someone who buys a Bugatti listen to this has on average 42 other supercars has a number of jets has a number of different houses around the world this is a first for me it’s like the cleanest factory of on each bugatti has about 1,800 pieces and they’re all put together here by hand nope no robots used at all every single bit is put together by hand and it takes about two months of manpower for one car and then several months after that for testing so it’s a quite an extensive process to build a shear on the front half and the back half is kept together by fourteen titanium screws and if anything happens to the screw that’s it they take it out and throw it away because it can only ever be used once that’s it I hope you liked the video big thanks to Andy for showing us around today and big thanks to Frank one of the lead designers here a Bugatti who should take fruit for showing me around today I hope you enjoyed give us a quick thumbs up like the video subscribe to my channel and join the supercar bloody right

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