Bugatti for every day will not?

Bugatti for every day will not?


Rumors about a” more affordable and practical ” Bugatti, cultivated in the last few years, hit a dead wall: the company stopped all work on this model. The information was confirmed to Bloomberg personally by the head of the brand, Stefan Winkelman.

The reason is the economic downturn associated with coronavirus. Next month there will be a shareholder meeting of the Volkswagen group, which – so far-owns the French luxury brand. There, the fate of the second model and the entire company will be decided: there are persistent rumors that it will be sold to the Croatian manufacturer of electric supercars, Rimac.

Despite everything, 2020 will be the best year in the history of Bugatti in terms of economic indicators, said Winkelman. Plans for the future also look pretty rosy: 70-80% of all copies of the Chiron hypercar, which will be released in 2021, have already been sold out on pre-orders.

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