Bugatti has released a 250-copy hypercar Chiron

Bugatti has released a 250-copy hypercar Chiron


Bugatti has released a 250-copy Chiron hypercar, which marked the “equator” of the entire production cycle of this model, the circulation of which shall be 500 cars. Premiere of “intermediate” hypercar in special execution called Sport Edition Noire Sportive will be held in early March at the Geneva motor show.

A distinctive feature of this car was the matte black color that is covered with carbon body, aerodynamic elements, and titanium exhaust pipes. In cabin black color used in the design of the seats, the selector of the transmission in the other parts.

Technical component remained the same. Bugatti Chiron is equipped with a 1600-strong vosjmimetrovaya W16 engine with four turbochargers. The car can accelerate to 100 km/h in 2.5 s, and its maximum speed “for security purposes” is limited by electronics on a mark of 440 km per hour.


Bugatti will release 20 hypercar in the version of Sport Edition Noire Sportive, the value of each of which will start at $ 3.3 million. Only in a life cycle model Chiron 250 planned cars, over 150 of which have already been sold.

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