Bugatti introduced the unique Chiron Pur Sport Grand Prix

Bugatti introduced the unique Chiron Pur Sport Grand Prix


Bugatti has announced the launch of its own personalization program. It’s not that a luxury car manufacturer with a 112-strong history hasn’t produced exclusive cars before, but now they decided to formally unite this activity under the name Bugatti Sur Mesure (“Bugatti to order” in French).

The company notes that in its “regular” configurator there is already an almost infinite number of body paint options and interior trim, but the new division will work for those buyers who want to go even further “and create a truly unique piece of automotive art.” … The first client project was the Chiron Pur Sport Grand Prix, dedicated to the driver Louis Chiron, and more specifically to his victory in the 1931 French Grand Prix driving the number 32 Bugatti Type 51.

The same number has been manually applied to a modern hypercar. Two new body colors were also created specifically for this car as a tribute to the racing Bugatti of the 1920s and 1930s. Red accents on the exterior include many EB emblems (the initials of the firm’s founder, Ettore Bugatti), a similar pattern used in the embroidery on the doors. The side skirts and lining on the center console bear the Grand Prix inscription, and the headrests of the seats bear the same racing number.

The company modestly kept silent about how much the coupe cost to the customer. The “standard” Chiron Pur Sport starts at 3 million euros. Of the total planned circulation of 500 “Shirons”, this modification accounts for 60 units. Production of the model will soon be completed: earlier it was reported that only 40 cars remained available for order, and it could be either the Chiron Pur Sport or the Chiron Super Sport.

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