Bugatti is preparing the most expensive and fastest SUV on the planet

Bugatti is preparing the most expensive and fastest SUV on the planet


The head of the brand has shared details regarding the release of the new and most expensive models of cars.

The management of the automaker is going to consider a new project to create a unique model for all the characteristics close to the crossover. According to the head of the brand Stephan Winkelmann, the model will get the highest value among competitors in the SUV segment.

Recently the representatives of the brand stressed that it is not going to produce SUVs. When Stefan said that this is not a reason to refuse to develop a machine with a high landing position and wide interior.


At the moment it is reported that the Bugatti the creation of a two-door SUV. It is assumed that the weight and size of the car will be much less than the same Lamborghini Urus. The engine power of the car is about a thousand horsepower. Its future owner of the model will cost about a million dollars.

Winkelmann said that despite the price of the future development model will not qualify for the title of the most extreme concept of the brand. Deservedly, will remain in Bugatti Choron.

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Not so long ago there were rumors that the first crossover of the brand will get the engine of 1,900 horsepower, which was developed jointly with the Croatian Rimac.

What do you think, how much it will appreciate the crossover from Bugatti? Share your guesses in the comments!

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