Bugatti plans a practical electric car

Bugatti plans a practical electric car


Bugatti talks with parent Volkswagen group on the establishment of a new model. According to preliminary data, it will be a four-seater car with a fully electric powertrain and a price tag of one million euros, according to Bloomberg. For comparison, the cost of the other brands, Chiron hypercar, starts from 2.4 million euros.

About the future of the electric car knows that he will differ significantly in design from Chiron, but in most companies it is called “practical” because of the four seats. If the project will give the green light, the production Bugatti will increase from the current 100 cars a year to 600. But the emergence of novelties on the market is still open to question – Volkswagen AG may not allocate money for such a niche model.


As for Chiron, recently this model appeared special model called the Super Sport 300+, the circulation of which is limited to 30 copies. This hypercar is equipped with a W16 motor, uprated to 1.6 thousand horsepower.

In September, pre-production prototype of a Chiron Super Sport 300+ set the speed record, getting up to 490,484 kilometers per hour. The maximum speed of conventional Chiron with 1500-horsepower engine is 420 kilometers per hour and acceleration to “hundred” hypercar spends 2.5 seconds.

In late summer of this year there were rumors about the crossover from the Bugatti, which can get a 1900-strong electrical installation. Moreover, the project partner will perform with Croatian firm Rimac.

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