Bugatti sends Chiron ‘retired’

Bugatti sends Chiron ‘retired’


French hypercar manufacturer Bugatti has announced the retirement of a test prototype of the Chiron 4-005 after eight years of hard use.

Bugatti announced the decommissioning of the Chiron prototype hypercar, which was used for various tests in almost all parts of the world. Although the Veyron’s successor debuted back in 2016, trials have not stopped since production began. For example, on this prototype, which received the code designation 4-005 (the number 4 means the prototype, and 005 is its chronological number), the software was mainly tested that controls the operation of various components and assemblies of the hypercar – the engine, transmission, suspension and multimedia system. , since Bugatti releases updates throughout the entire life cycle of the model. In total, eight test prototypes of the Chiron hypercar were built.

The black prototype 4-005 turned out to be the first “Chiron” to be brought into the United States, in addition, it was used for tests on the Italian Nardo race track, tested at low temperatures in Scandinavia and under the scorching sun in South Africa. For eight years of grueling operation, the test Chiron traveled more than 80 thousand kilometers and, judging by the photographs, remained in good condition. What will happen to the prototype 4-005 after retirement, Bugatti does not specify. Perhaps, it is used as an exhibit of a factory museum, since the sale of pre-production cars is usually not practiced by manufacturers due to many technical and legal nuances.

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