Bugatti unveiled a new supercar Centodieci: photo and specs


In the Network appeared pictures of the new limited-edition hypercar Bugatti, is made based on the classical model EB110 SS. Dogdore, built on the basis Chiron got all the original body and the name of Centodieci.

Bugatti Centodieci in fine detail mimics the appearance of the historical models. The obvious similarity is added reduced in size horseshoe-shaped radiator grille, the shape of the slots in the bumper and five round air intakes located just behind the side glass. Aft three-dimensional visible lights, and shifted to the center dual exhaust pipes. Centodieci name translates from Italian as “110,” which also speaks about the source of inspiration for designers.


According to preliminary information, Bugatti will release 10 copies of Centodieci. Each one will cost eight million euros.

Hypercar built on the aggregates of Chiron and probably equipped with the same the 8.0-liter W16 engine as the donor car. At the same time according to rumors, the novelty will be slightly more powerful and may well be the car with the highest impact in the history of Bugatti. Whether Bugatti concept Vision Gran Turismo 2016, which was mated to the engine with the recoil forces and 1672 1580 Nm of torque, or only a production model – not reported.

Bugatti EB110 SS introduced at the Geneva motor show in 1992. From the machine without the prefix SS it features larger fuel injectors, exhaust system with low flow resistance, reduced weight and carbon-Kevlar body panels. Dvuhdverka equipped with a 3.5 liter V12 with four turbochargers (611 forces and 650 Nm of torque) and can accelerate to a hundred in 3.2 seconds.

As you are a new supercar from Bugatti?

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