Bugatti Veyron vs Euro Fighter Typhoon (HQ) | Drag Race

Bugatti Veyron vs Euro Fighter Typhoon (HQ) | Drag Race


Amazing challenge as Richard Hammond races a Euro Fighter Typhoon in the Bugatti Veyron. Who will win the horizontal vs vertical 2 mile race? Clip taken from series 10 episode 3.Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

yes the thousand doors by a legend is black and if I’m honest I’m a bit nervous not because of the car itself but because of the burden that now rests on my shoulders when Jeremy drove the Veyron had to be it was a incompetent James in the useless lira play then when James went to Germany and maxed it the car didn’t even break sweat but this time the Veyrons honor really is at stake because never before has it gone up against something like this the most modern the most hi-tech Strike Fighter on the planet the Eurofighter Typhoon and for once when it comes to figures the bugatti really is well and truly top trumped it’s twin engines develop 20,000 pounds of thrust each punching the Eurofighter up to 65,000 feet and a top speed of over 1,500 miles an hour this machine is the cutting edge of what a plane can do it’s actually designed to be aerodynamically unstable to make it as agile as possible in a dogfight so it needs 70 computers to keep it in the air and if they fail it would simply fall out of the sky it’s kind of a mix of science fiction and brute strength these wings for example have to be able to take the stresses and strains of all those extreme high-speed maneuvers so they might look called slim and dainty but it’s one can take the weight of 35 Volkswagen golf’s all in all quite a handy bit of kit as it expect at 67 million a pop phased with the clear and present danger of the Eurofighter the bugatti veyron really is the car world’s best shot at clinging to Simona and no one knows what the outcome will be in fact Bugatti is so concerned they’ve sent over not one but two Veyrons maybe they’re going to tie them together or something the shootout will take place here on the main runway at RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire and here’s the challenge it’s a horizontal versus vertical drag race over two miles here’s the start/finish line and the car and the plane yeah it’s difficult to get hold of models of a Veyron and a Eurofighter they both start from here the car will race down the runway for a mile when it reaches the mile marker turn as quickly as possible and then race back down over the same mile to cross the start-finish line here meanwhile the plane will set off and take off as quickly as possible and cover a mile vertically obviously when it’s done the mile it turns and swoops back down the same mile to cross the start-finish line or to crash into a million-pound supercar that it didn’t expect to see and YouTube has a field day otherwise his last one to finish is a vegetarian simple as that now you might think the plane is going to walk it but don’t be so sure the car should have the edge off the line it’ll do nought to 100 in 5.7 seconds for god sake and when it gets to these yellow dots which mark the mile point where it has to turn around the Veyron has another advantage down here it’s awesome brakes should come into play and then there’s the air brake as well which on its own generates the same stopping power as you’d get in a normal hatchback straight line is a straight line so the car does what it does are there but up here I’ve got a brake as late as possible and lose as little time as possible making the turn before the return mile so I reckon it’ll be won or lost here at this end try some control off gearbox to manual launch control left foot on brake give it the full beans on the throttle this is it as drag races go you will agree this is quite a good one so I’m fighting for the Germans in a battle against the area after just 18 seconds I was doing 188 miles an hour and getting ready to brake for the mile turn the best ways it I was doing 196 miles an hour but was it enough I suspect I may get some abuse for this you you

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