Bugatti will use the W16 engine for the 2020-ies

Bugatti will use the W16 engine for the 2020-ies


According to official representatives of the French brand, the most powerful engine W16 will continue to be used in models of Bugatti during this decade. A worthy replacement for the W16 at the moment just yet.

The most powerful engine W16 Bugatti is equipped with the world’s most expensive car Bugatti La Voiture Noire, as well as the fastest production car model ever produced – the Super Sport Bugatti Chiron 300+. Such monstrous motors have been used by automakers around the end of 1990-ies, when the brand was owned by the German Volkswagen Group. First there was EB 118 concept with 6.3-liter W18, and then EB 218, shown a year later.

Some time later, Bugatti has decided to use only the 8.0-liter W16 motor.

They fitted was a model of the Veyron, introduced in 2000. The same engine, only with some modifications, is used today in hypercare Bugatti Chiron, where he produces a whopping 1577 horsepower.


A few hours ago it became known that the W16 engine will not come to “retire” in the near future. Despite more stringent emissions standards, the head of Bugatti said in an interview that the motor will continue to exist in the models of the brand until the end of this decade. Stephan Winkelmann called a 8.0-liter unit is a real work of art.

Further, Mr. Winkelmann said that the leadership of the German concern Volkswagen Group, which includes Bugatti, “knows the true price of the W16 engine”. He meant that these guys are fully aware of how valuable an 8.0-liter engine, so not going to abandon him.

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