Bugatti’s Most Extreme Car!

Bugatti’s Most Extreme Car!


Thanks to Bugatti and the owner for access to their one-off Vision GT, which now has a fully new Chiron engine! It’s their vision of the ultimate track car and was made to feature in the Playstation game Gran Turismo. I speak to the experts … and … about the car to get the low down on why it was made and what it’s capable of. Thanks for watching as always guys! Xo AlexCheck out the owner @sirredshoesFollow me on:

what a way to start the day what’s up guys supercar Lundy here at Gotti and their headquarters here in Mull Simon we’ve got a real treat for you today that’s going pick this out guys this is the craziest car you will ever see promise I’m Frank it’s the Bugatti vision GT take a look at me this car was designed for the game Gran Turismo and it came out just before the Sheeran alright now let’s talk through this the beauty of a car with none other but the director of designer him come on over it’s really yes it’s really actually quite a tall nicest even though so much we do anything so are we gonna talk through the rigging bTW this is something that you and your team worked on a few years ago now 14 I believe it’s just one year before we launch the EXO’s you’re on so about five years ago and this was to give people a bit of a taste for what was to come no also brings back memories I have to say to that team that you mentioned this was such a silly panel it turns out only an entire different team but thank you later yeah Frank’s yourself Frank you still yeah yeah yeah and this really speaks the heart of that team being more of a motorsport ribbon exercise what we could do if he would go racing to the Shiva right and then modifying or to the monocoque and the lower power and much more aerodynamic efficiency but it was at the same time a preview of the main statistic elements they were about to come into this even in the shear on right okay so the Sheeran wasn’t yet out guys when this launched this was before anyone had ever seen a Shiro why don’t we get Frank waiting on the sidelines oh yeah go on over Frank Frank everyone knows Frank I got two awesome people T design team he just wants a glass of champagne let him go off to drink oh yeah thank you so much thanks very much everyone knows Frank of course you kiss I break your face you’re home to my youtube channel go comment in the comment section if Frank should set up his own YouTube channel star what’s getting a loser who dies to make it happen notice your eye you don’t have time to do planning for gardius I’m in come on what better job is this for us it was really important to establish the main themes that the show then later on brought in virus I mean look this very right so it’s the first time we introduced is round yeah Sena my neck situation in this way for sure obviously and then iconic on the Shinhwa is the taillight right the single beam yeah my first car to have this the design looks so insane Frank that I’m wondering is it just for looks or is everything on this car actually for function well this car was meant to go into the PlayStation game vision Gran Turismo right so if it is meant to be on a track it is our dreaming about lap times and it’s on slick tires well then I ask you this okay you’ve jumps regarding has just beaten the world speed record on a track but in another car and it looks completely different from this one which one is meant to be the faster more aerodynamic car yeah that’s absolute actually offensive especially because so this car is about cornering actually you want downforce to press the car down on the speed record part it was all about drag okay avoiding any kind of wing fry it’s why even the wing stays in on the road record car and so on this we have this crazy wing on the air creating a lot of our connection every anything comes up with break and then on the front that negative on the front you have some crazy dive planes as well all kind of motorsports parts and onto this even with the hinges that you can pull in take in case of an emergency you can take the whole door out right okay so that was all meant for racing and especially racing in Lemoore so there’s a long straight under more as well so it this is about top speed as well it is and this one you wouldn’t have done the world record no too much waiting for that tomorrow yeah there is actually such a term as too much we yeah like this I think it just has such a presence but and it’s such a beast of a carpet at the same time it’s really elegant it’s beautiful really you see here we’ve pushed in the body side yeah at the root of the apron oh yeah so the actual door shut line doesn’t go all the way down because this all structure yeah and so only this part of the door actually opens you see oh yeah and oh it’s a little one take a look at the inside here this tunnel cuz all the waves from the front so everything that we that we have from the front we take in through that tunnel of course to the sides wow you guys so this is inside the vision GT look at that Wow this display screen I mean I’ve just never seen anything like that either what was the idea behind that I mean the shape the way that it’s kind of it’s like a little cave with the top there yes all the way of you for this car is being calculated from three cameras two on the sides one in the center fin on the rear yeah real-time calculated into one image that you see on your screen so you don’t have to turn your head you have at all right there and there was a proximity alert for other cars that try to approach from where that shows you in the display where they are how far they are away and say wow so that was the idea with the takes place you see this match yeah this is also for emergency so if let’s say hopefully it never happens yeah if there was an accident yeah and the door would be jammed or anything the driver Wow and why don’t you do that for any of your other traffic because not because this is a real race car right this is trying to be a real race car and also it was important to us if we go into vision Gran Turismo which is a virtual race okay but we still wanted to make it as realistic as possible okay well Oh God believe I’m sitting in this thing look at a steering wheel here fully cut off I’ve never seen this in a car before this setup it’s got a brand new engine in it w16 eight liter with around 1,500 horsepower okay guys we’ve been rained out it came down so quickly Frank and I were interrupted we want the car a little bit more all we’re gonna do is go truck hold on and what we wanted to do today whew thumbs up to my account

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