Buggy from Lexus: details revealed


Lexus has shared some details about the ROV Concept buggy (from Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle). The all-terrain vehicle appeared in a video dedicated to the latest brand innovations in mid-October, but then the manufacturer chose not to provide any details. Now it became known, for example, that the ROV is powered by a liter internal combustion engine running on hydrogen, and its steering, brake and gas pedal settings are typical for Lexus cars.

Visually and technically, ROV is a classic side-by-side like Polaris RZR. It features a solid tubular frame, lightweight outer shell, long-travel suspension and teeth-toothed tires. The buggy is 3120 mm long, 1725 mm wide and 1800 mm high. Externally, the all-terrain vehicle successfully mimics the latest Lexus concepts, and it is painted in an exclusive dark bronze color.

The interior of the SUV follows the Tazuna philosophy of the NX. Both seats, upholstered in synthetic leather, have integrated shock absorbers. Steering, brake and gas pedal settings are as close as possible to production Lexus cars – the so-called Lexus Driving Signature.

The ROV is powered by a liter compressed hydrogen internal combustion engine, similar to the experimental “turbo-triple” 1.6 from the racing Toyota Corolla Sport. The principle of operation of such an engine is the same as that of a gasoline engine, only carbon dioxide emissions are close to zero.

Toyota has already said that in addition to a multiple reduction in harmful emissions, a hydrogen engine has a number of other advantages. Firstly, hydrogen ignites much faster than gasoline and therefore provides good responsiveness. Secondly, hydrogen engines retain all the features of a classic internal combustion engine, in particular sound and vibration.

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